Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, Fires and Fun!

Things were going along swimmingly yesterday and I was about to place the last sweet in the oven when a very loud BANG! SNAP! FIRE!!!!!!!!! occurred in my oven! Now, before you think my oven was dirty or greasy - it wasn't. I ran the 'self - clean' cycle November 1st as usual and there were no spills in between. For some reason the element chose that particular moment to blow up. I threw salt on the whole affair - expensive organic sea salt - and it went out within a few moments. I think I threw the wrong thing - I can tell it's time to review my fire safety protocols! Ah well, it worked! What a stench! Talk about an adrenaline rush!

This is the second time I have had a fire in this range in the last few weeks - the last time it was an electrical fire under the glass top and JennAir repaired it for free on October 30th. This time it will be our bill, since elements do 'wear' out. The repairman will come Monday to see if it is repairable or at least safe to use if repaired. I am very unhappy with the frequency of trouble with this stove. We have already replaced the computer that controlled the display panel. I think we will have to be shopping for a new stove really soon! This one was here when we bought the house, but looked to be in decent shape and worked well, so when we remodeled we kept it. Now I wish we hadn't!

After all the excitement, I pre-heated the stove out in the Grammy flat and baked the brownies out there. I changed my snack menu to exclude anything that required more baking. The Grammy flat stove had a 'slipped pizza' incident about a week ago and needs a thorough cleaning too - but I always stay in the room when the cleaning cycle is in progress, and I have not remembered to do it when I was out there painting or cleaning! I've left myself a note!

The ladies from our adult couples Sunday School class seemed to have a nice time. One lady commented that she had fun and she was 'really surprised' since she didn't think she'd like card making. I enjoyed sharing my 'toys' - I have been blessed with so many rubber stamps and things to use to make pretty cards and I'm sad that they don't get used much at all. Everyone made nice things to take home - all different and unique. I bought one of those 'punch out and glue' 20 card and envelope kits and it was easy, cute and just right for the 'uncrafty' of the group, so that was great. A few ladies mentioned that they would welcome another invitation to 'play with my toys' and there was even talk of an all day paper crafting Saturday, like I hosted for the scrapbookers last fall. That would be fun!

It is so nice to have a big room for crafting and have supplies to use - but I so rarely take the time to use what I have. We want our whole home to be used for the glory of God and to share what we have with others, but it isn't always easy to figure out how to do that effectively. I'm glad this worked out so well.

I served candied almonds, spiced nuts, veggies with sweet dilly dip, fruit with caramel cream, cheese ball and crackers, brownie bites, pink party squares, lemon squares, cranberry raspberry punch, and hot apple cider. I forgot to take a picture after I put it all out! We can blame the adrenaline rush let down for my lack of brain power. The hot apple cider was well received. It was a pretty chilly evening.
We don't have company for tomorrow after all. I've been tired today, but could have cheerfully prepared for company out in the Grammy flat stove if I had needed to, but the extra steps would have been hard. Maybe we'll try to grab someone after church and go out for a meal!

I hope that tomorrow finds you lifting your heart in praise to God for all He has done in your life this week! I know I will have much to be thankful for after such a busy week! Strength and peace are at the top of my list!


  1. That was a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it... must scroll down and red some more! Well done.

  2. Thank you for you kind words! I'm glad you stopped for a visit to my blog!

  3. There's nothing worse than an element going out--except when they blow up when they go out!! That doesn't sound like fun. We have a really old oven where it's getting really difficult to find parts for it--the element being one of those difficult parts--it's over 20 years old--time to update!


  4. I have never had that happen before...I am so glad your ok and all...thanks for the post...even though you had a hard time with your oven you stayed in a lovely mood :o) that, my friend, is refreshing to see :o)

    ~simply stork~

  5. There is nothing like 220 volts sizzling away in your oven - it's loud, bright and stinky! When the fire went out quickly under a small amount of salt, I just had so much thankfulness welling up inside. I started laughing! Fire is one of my worst fears, so I know it was the Lord Who gave me strength. I noticed today that I have no hair on my fingers or hands - it was that hot!

    Paula - things are not made to last 20 years any more - I had a JennAir rep tell me today 7-9 years for the lower end model and 9-11 for the top of the line! They want us to have to replace so they make them to last only so long!

    Simply Stork - your words are too kind! I was shaky and very frightened, but it never occured to me to get upset. I can't waste energy on unnecesaary and unproductive anger, so thankfully I am not of a nature to get miffed easily! I have many other faults instead! It was just really bad timing with company planned so I switched to plan B! I always say it's best to be part 'Gumby' and bend a little, rather then break!


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