Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Case of the Missing Posts

I have been having a time with my computer this week - and I still don't have it solved, but I'm giving up for now! The biggest problem is that Dreamer does SOS Math and Science on the computer and we have an 'unhandled exception' that won't let her do her work. Fiddlesticks! I don't really mean to complain, I just want to explain - my posts didn't post when I tried to post them - but now they have! Go figure! One day when I have loads of leisure time, I will actually learn something about computers and not feel so intimidated by this mostly helpful machine! I would love to learn how to make my blog more attractive with restful backgrounds and creative headers - maybe one day my children will teach me!

We have had such a lovely weekend - I almost wish it wouldn't end. A bit too much junk food, but otherwise quite a delight. It's not that we did anything very special - we just spent time together. My thankfulness list includes:
  • pumpkin donuts and hot chocolate for Saturday breakfast brought to us by the Historian - so thoughtful
  • laundry hanging on the line
  • sunshine and coolness - perfect for a cozy sweater
  • a pleasant phone call with a friend
  • a bit of ironing - nice to see the pile done
  • outside to play, and put the garden to bed
  • the laughter of our children
  • safety in their 'way too high up' tree house
  • moving a pile of wood to the fencerow
  • a tidy backyard
  • making a fire pit circle with big heavy logs, just right for sitting on
  • The Historian's safety while cleaning out gutters
  • the Buckeyes winning their game
  • kindness between siblings expressed freely
  • grilled salmon for dinner - so simple and good
  • two quick haircuts by Momma - and not too goofy looking this time!
  • baths and bed - ready for the Lord's Day
  • an extra hour of sleep
  • achy muscles that enjoyed their workout, but reminding me I need to use them more often!
  • Sunday morning worship
  • a long afternoon nap
  • an e-mail from a dear friend - just keeping in touch
  • our first 'cookout' around the fire
  • tin mugs of hot chocolate
  • marshmallows lightly toasted and dipped (by accident of course) in the caramel apple dip - too yummy!
  • the end of a day of blessing

May you have much to be thankful for this evening as well!


  1. I always enjoy reading your thankful lists. Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend.

  2. That's kind of you to say Deb - I think gratefulness is the best cure for a complaining heart, so I often re-read my own 'thankful posts' when I begin to grumble!


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