Thursday, November 15, 2007

Elysha Update

Elysha is coming up on her 3rd week birthday celebration Saturday! She has just been to her pediatrician and her Daddy reports that she is doing really quite well - she is gaining weight on target and she is looking wonderful - all the outward signs of a healthy, precious baby girl! Her progress is quite remarkable, and probably inexplicable, if you don't factor in the power of prayer! The truth is that she is being prayed for all around the world, and that God is able to do more abundantly then we even dream of asking for. Please keep on praying for this adorable girl, for her family and doctors. She sees her heart doctor soon, so I'll try to keep you posted. As she continues to astound the minds of men, may all the glory be the Lord's!

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  1. I'm so happy -- what a precious little baby! I do pray that God might be most glorified by her full recovery.


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