Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wanted: Another Me!

I'm quite certain my husband is sure that one of me is more than enough, but this week I am longing for 'another me' - as in two of me! I'm not sure how I did it, but I've overloaded this week and I feel like I'm never going to get 'it all' done. This is where my old adage 'wow them with simplicity' is going to come in very handy! I am planning to simplify plan 'A' so that I don't go crazy trying to get it all done. I'm also really looking forward to Sunday afternoon - I'm planning on a very long and cozy nap - just so you know!

This past weekend I foolishly optimistically started a big painting project in the room where I am planning to have company on Friday. It's not done. Yikes! I also booked a haircut and color for myself, committed to snack foods for Bible Study, invited company for Sunday and had to finish getting our Operation Christmas Child boxes ready and out. My first 'now that you are 40' mammogram is scheduled for 8 am tomorrow, and all of the regularly scheduled activities of the week, including homeschool, piano, AWANA, and Bible Study are still on the agenda! Our house looks like a dust bunny convention was in town and decided to stay and multiply, and the bathrooms have a faint 'odor of outhouse' going on. We still need to eat this week, healthfully, and laundry is not really optional!

For some of you, this kind of week would be a breeze, but it's just Tuesday and my liver and I are feeling a bit stressed. No liver pain, thankfully, but just the usual fatigue, accompanied by some extra tiredness since we are now 'playing' with my thyroid meds and trying to switch to a more natural replacement that, so far, doesn't seem strong enough. Thankfully, I'm pretty well rid of the cam walker and as long as I'm not on my feet too much, good sturdy shoes are supportive enough.

This is how I plan to simplify my week:

1. First of all I'm getting some extra sleep. I cope better during the day when I'm well rested. I took my books back to the library and I'll not get any more until next week. Really.

2. I will not neglect my Bible Study and prayer time - it's essential!

3. We are having a 'lighter' school week. I will make the most of all the teachable moments and work in seat work where it fits best - even at the hair dressers! We had a great science lesson on trees while the Storyteller and I walked off some energy during sister's piano lesson. We did some math at Wal*Mart while picking out the Christmas Child gifts, and there really was geometry involved in wrapping those shoes boxes, along with a wad of tape!

4. I have simplified my menus and made some things in advance - and eliminated 'fancy' for 'tried and true'. So what if they have had the same thing at my house before - it's not about the food anyway!

5. I am not going to deep clean my closets, require spotless bedrooms from the children or move any more furniture this week. I'm not!

6. My paint brushes go away tomorrow - whatever isn't done will have to wait until another time. Life will go on!

7. My wonderful cleaning lady is coming Thursday and she will make everything sparkle and shine, but I will tackle the bathrooms again tomorrow, for health reasons. They were 'deep cleaned' Saturday, and 'swished' yesterday, but we do have a highly distractable boy of seven who shall remain nameless!

8. I will play uplifting music, light a fragrant candle and find some time just to praise my Lord and laugh out loud. In the grand scheme of life, this is nothing!

9. I will strive for simplicity and just stick to the basics. Why do I aways think that more is required? Doing a few things very well is much better then a great deal of mediocrity.

10. I will remember this week and do better with my scheduling in the future - really I will! I hope!


  1. When you have figured out how to get another you...let me know! I would really love to get myself duplicated as well. :-)
    Homeschooling, church and family a busy schedule make.
    But, life is really good, isn't it?
    My bathrooms are asking for some attention too. My boys are 15 and 16 but somehow...things get "smelly".
    Blessings on your day.
    Becky K.

  2. Hi Heather,

    Today is Thursday and I'm wondering how you are doing. I love how you wrote out exactly how you were going to simplify your week. Good practical advice to yourself (and for me).

    I'm going to pray for you today. I'm going to pray that God will go before you and ease your tiredness and strengthen your body--for His glory!

  3. Becky - I'll get 'my other self' to work on it right away - but don't hold your breath! Life is a blessing - true. I just get overwhelmed when too many blessing come at once! BTW, are you telling my boys don't outgrow this aim thing by 15???? This is not very good news! I wonder if the 'tinkle targets' come in something other than 'Sesame St.'?

    Heather - thank you so much for praying for me! I have been able to simplify and I am not stressed at all! Thanks to Mrs. Helen my home is gleaming and really is clean! I got some straightening and organizing done while she slaved away at the dirt and dust bunnies - they have been duly vanquished! I have a bit of food prep for tomorrow, but everything is coming together. I am thankful for the strength God provides day to day!

  4. wonderful wonderful plan...sounds like you are keeping it simply simple...great job.

    ~simply stork~


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