Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Storyteller's Room

The Storyteller's room is ready and waiting for him!
Our flea market find from last week is painted and in place.

His walls are lemon oiled and wiped to a fresh shine.
His airplanes are dusted, and his toys and books are as neat as a pin.
His drawers are organized and labeled and his clothes are clean.

His bedding is freshly line dried and lavender scented, and Papa Q. Bear is waiting patiently on the colourful Grammy Blanket for a cuddle!

Mama is waiting for a cuddle too! Only 5 more sleeps!


  1. What a fantastic bedroom! I love the quilt and the nightstand looks wonderful! I'm sure your son will be so happy to be home! Mom too. :0)


  2. Thank you Kelli - we were really limited by the pine board walls, but since they are still in pretty good shape, we didn't want to replace them with drywall. It's definately an all boy room, and I love his built in bookcases/toy shelves and little alcove is fun! We have had his bed in the alcove, but Daddy thought this would be a nice change. The quilt was from The Company Store / Company Kids and was a closeout 2 years ago. They didn't have any matching valances so I did my best to find a complimentary plaid and made my own.

  3. The room looks great...and the table in red is terrific. Good choice, sister!

  4. The room looks WONDERFUL!!! You have a good eye for decorating!! A gift, indeed!

    Mrs. U

  5. Thank you for letting me know about the yo-yo templates, Heather! They look very easy to use!


  6. You are welcome Kelli - they do look like fun don't they?


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