Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Blessings!

A happy happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

The Historian is getting, um, rather historical himself! Today we celebrated his 45th birthday! It is so hard to believe, but time is slipping quickly by. We are still missing our Storyteller, but he called early this morning to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Daddy and send him hugs and kisses over the phone! He is loving being at Poppa and Grammy's and I'm afraid he is going to be totally spoiled with all of that one on one attention by the time he gets home!
The Historian preached today at our church and he did really well. He was in 1 Peter and was reminding us of all we have in Christ and how our thinking determines our actions. He was also reminding us of our status here on earth, as adopted sons and daughters of God, a peculiar people, sojourners, set apart for service. It was a challenging message and he packed a lot of encouragement in to a short period of time. I love to hear him preach the Word since he is really good at digging deeper into the truths of Scripture and making it plainly applicable to our day to day walk with God. I know that preaching is the part of ministry he most misses, so it was good to have him be given this opportunity on his special day!

We enjoyed lunch at Red Lobster with a friend and then a quiet family afternoon, during which time I made a seven layer Chocolate Pie for my dear husband! He couldn't make up his mind between this and German Chocolate Cake yesterday, but I'm glad this was his 'final answer' since it is one of my favorites too! I think we might have gotten our signals crossed since he actually was expecting French Silk Pie, but he's not complaining! For a man who didn't even really like chocolate when we were married 15+ years ago, he has come along way! It's not usually so sloppy looking, but I was in a hurry and didn't let all the layers cool completely before adding the next!
I so wish I could share this recipe with you, but a dear family friend gave it to me years ago, and I promised not to give out the recipe. I've made it for dozens of church functions and never revealed the secrets and while I have read many great cookbooks, I have never come across an identical formulation of ingredients! I won't tell you how absolutely light and wonderful it is, and that way you won't ask for the recipe!
All in all, it was a great day! I hope you all had a lovely day too!


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband, Heather!! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day and the cake looks delicious!!!!

  2. Just seeing that wonderful pie makes my mouth water! I think I know how good it tastes already.
    Since I was craving a D.Q. buster bar last evening, I was also had a "taste" for Chocolate....the world's favorite flavor! However, the storyteller wanted to have D.Q. at home since he knew Grammy has ice cream treats and tubs of ice cream right here in the freezer. He put up an OPEN sign on our door this morning at 11 a.m. to let the public know we are open for their D.Q. favorites again to-day. However, I convinced him we needed to do some school work first. His vivid imagination takes me back 30 years to when his mother was equally talented...
    The challenge is to sepatate the truth from the imaginary...keeps us sharp and that's good I think!?
    Hugs and kisses to the Dreamer,

  3. Oh, that is too tantalising and crool of you, Heather. If you can't share the recipe you'll have to make plenty and announce open house! I'm hungry....

  4. OH MY! That looks delectable!

  5. Grammy - you know this pie is yummy - you make it much better than I do! Did you get many customers at your at home DQ?
    You're not spoiling our son with ice cream treats are you?????
    The Dreamer is missing you Grammy!

    Mrs. Pea - I didn't mean to be cruel, honestly! I'll make another one soon and invite you over - you'll just have to hurry because this is one pie that really doesn't keep!

  6. Okay... I'm with Mrs. Pea. I would really like an invitation next time you make this!! :) I could at least try my hand at seeing what's in the recipe!!! It looks soooooooo yummy!!!

    I COMPLETELY understand not being able to share recipes. Mr. U's mother makes an AWESOME peanut butter cake. The recipe has been in the family 4 generations and they've never given it out to anyone other than family. It's absolutely delicious and every time I make it, people beg for the recipe only to end up hearing "I'm sorry, this is an old family recipe and I'm not at liberty to give this out." Sigh.

    Mrs. U

  7. Oooohh, you have a beautiful blog! I am so glad to have found it (I think via Mrs. U's blog). I am sorry that you can't share the recipe for that pie. :-( Of course, I understand though. So glad to have "met" you!

  8. Welcome Mama Russell and thank you for your understanding! I'm not one to say 'no' to people too well, so I hate when I have to!

    Mrs. U, I'm glad we are in the same boat with recipes - sometimes I feel like folks think I'm being unkind, but I gave my word, and I must stick to it!

    I'll admit that it is kind of fun to make something that keeps others guessing! Aren't I bad?


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