Monday, May 7, 2007

More sewing for Dreamer

The Historian took this picture just before church Sunday morning! The Dreamer looking joyous in her new dress and hat, made by Mommy, and her favorite handknit sweater. She is looking way, way too grown up these days!

Thankfully. she let me braid her hair and tie on pretty pink ribbons, so I know she is still my little girl!

The wind was lifting her skirt a bit - it is pleated and actually quite flattering.


  1. What a lovely young lady!

  2. Oh, she is just beautiful, Heather! The dress, sweather and hat...just lovely!!!!

  3. Thank you! She really is a sweetie - a very strong willed sweetie, but we pray each day that God will use that for good in her life! Tenacity is a character quality - right?

  4. The dress is just beautiful!! And the weather outside looks perfect!!! Add your lovely daughter to the picture and it's just PERFECT!!!

    Mrs. U


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