Monday, May 14, 2007

The BIG Quiet

Poppa and The Storyteller
It's too quiet here .... way too quiet. Sure, the birds are singing, The Dreamer is humming, the cars are going by, but the quiet in our home this afternoon is BIG! Something is missing ... someone who fills our days with energy, excitement and lots and lots of stories! Our everyday life with this special boy is anything but dull!

The Storyteller was invited to have his first 'all by myself' visit with Poppa and Grammy in North Bay, and after considering and praying about if he should go or not, we decided he was really ready for this BIG adventure. We scrambled to get him ready quickly this morning, packing his clothing, favorite bear and school books, and now he is on his way in the Grammy-mobile to North Bay!

We will miss him terribly, to be sure - in fact we already are missing him. The truth is, I hardly know how to function without him here! The Storytller is just such a wonderful busy boy! For me, this is a blessed gift from my mum and dad - a gift of time. What could be more precious? Not only are they choosing to use their time to invest in the young life of our small son, but they are giving us some extra time with our dear Dreamer, and time to work on some long put off projects that just never seem to get done when there is a little boy constantly needing attention.
The BIG quiet won't last long, so I need to make a list of projects, prioritize them and get to work, but for now, I am just enjoying this unexpected gift.


  1. We missed storyteller at swimming lessons.

  2. i'm looking forward to meeting your storyteller =) he sounds a lot like my nephew, whom for the time being i'll call "the inventor" ~ as he has recently told me that he is a scientist like his dad (my b-i-l is a forensic scientist) and that he is an adult (he will be 5 in July).

  3. Hi Heather,
    I am enjoyed reading your blog. I too love to cook ,sew and craft.
    I have you in my favorites.


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