Saturday, May 19, 2007

One man's trash ...

is an other's treasure!

Today we wandered about at a huge Antiques Show and Flea Market Extravaganza. It was huge, and very very interesting. I have no idea how people come up with some of the items we saw for sale today, but I'm even more puzzled about their pricing system. There were a lot of really neat things to see, and a whole lot of really ugly, really expensive junk. Everybody wants to make a buck, I guess.

We came home with a wire plant stand, not old, but reproduction. I met the lady who designed the wire goods and she was really nice - she has a craftsman make them for her and than she 'ages' them. I was glad to find something not 'made in China' at a reasonable price.

I was also happy to find a side table for in The Storyteller's room. It was under my budget by $10, is very sturdy and will look terrific with a coat of paint. He likes to have a bed time water (spillproof) cup like Sister and they are forever landing on the floor and rolling under the bed, so this will be a great place for his Bible and his cup. The Dreamer is under the impression that red paint would look nice and be preferred by her brother, but I'm leaning toward blue. His room has pine panelling from the 1950's and his 'theme' is antique airplanes - we framed posters of old planes and he has a planes quilt.

We learned a sad lesson in responsibility this morning. A car was speeding and spun out of control and hit the beautiful redwood fence across the road from our home. Road conditions were perfect, so he must have really been travelling fast. The fence surrounds a 5 acre estate, is less than a year old and was badly damaged. Apparently he was all right and decided to leave the scene quickly. The Dreamer watched him pull out rapidly. In doing so, he lost control again on the sharp curve just south of our home, rolling his vehicle many times and causing himself great harm. He was life-flighted to the hospital and we don't know how he is. We are praying.

If he had stayed at the scene of his first accident, he and his car would both be in much better shape.

We live in a world that is promoting moral relativism and the absence of absolutes. I don't know how personal responsibility fits into this teaching, but it is a very slippery slope, in my opinion. I love that God's Word clearly sets out an absolute standard of conduct for Believers, because while it is not easy, it is unchanging. Knowing that we will mess up due to our sin nature, and knowing that God's forgiveness is readily available makes that standard gentle to bear. While living with the consequences of our wrong actions is never easy, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God will strengthen us to endure the trail makes taking responsibility for our actions bearable. The end of the trail is growth, a deeper relationship with the Father, a strengthening of the mettle of my character, and a longing to share the journey with others.


  1. Your sons room sounds so neat, Heather and his new side table will be handy. Benjamin likes a cup of water by his bed too. :0)
    I'm sorry to hear about the accident near your home, I will say a prayer for the man.
    P.s Happy Birthday to your husband!!

  2. Thank you Kelli! We haven't heard any more about the man, but I know God knows him by name and we will just keep on praying!

    I'll try to take a picture of Storyteller's room after we paint the side table and before he comes home to mess his room up again!


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