Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Family

We imposed upon a 'passer by' to snap a quick picture of our whole 'immediate' family while we were together at Great Wolf Lodge. It is funny how formal shots can be so contrived and casual shots can be so much better. We were all very tired and it was late - after the birthday party, but despite the less than ideal circumstances, it's not too bad! The Birthday Girl (my mum) is pretty in yellow right there in the middle! Doesn't she look happy to have her family all together?


  1. What a beautiful family, Heather!! Your mom looks very happy to have everyone together again!

  2. Thank you Kelli! We were happy to be together - it is a small family, but we are pretty close! When we all lived within 3 hours of one another it was nice to get together often - mostly at our home! We really miss that!

  3. Oh that' a terrific picture. I love how passerbys are so willing to help. I've never met one that was unwilling to take a shot. Then again, I don't go anywhere very often either...LOL



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