Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home Again!

We just stepped out for a bit, but now we are home! We enjoyed a bit of a vacation, and while I had planned to keep up with my blog while away, it just didn't happen!

We met the rest of my small immediate family at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada for a family celebration of Mum's 65th birthday! It was wonderful to have all the cousins together and they had a wonderful time at the water park. What an exciting and fun place for children and grown ups too! We took Mum on one of the rides and she fairly made me deaf with screaming, but she survived - a bit frightened, but she had fun too! We had a family dinner out, birthday cakes and gifts and two days of water park fun before we had part ways. My children loved spending time with their cousins and they were really sad to have to say goodbye! It is hard living so far apart.

Our family didn't come away empty-handed though! We 'Grammy-napped' my Mum and she enjoyed a bit of a holiday with our little family. We re-visited beautiful and serene Holmes County, Ohio and explored the rolling farmland of Amish country.

With Grammy and all of our stuff loaded in the back of the van, we didn't have room for many treasures, but the looking is the most fun anyway! We found some great books at bargain prices and some wonderful household items at Lehman's Hardware store in Kidron, Ohio - what an amazing experience that is! We ate a lot of really yummy simple home cooked food and thumbed through many Amish and Mennonite cookbooks. We reverently touched quilts that were really works of art and sampled cheeses that made our taste buds sing! We learned about the cheese making process and watched some Plain men plow a field and turn over a garden by hand. We were delighted by the quiet rhythm of 4 Plain girls push mowing their lush green lawn.

All in all it was lovely and we would have liked to stay for many more days, but had to get home. While we were away our renovation slowed a bit - the drywalling process is time consuming to be sure and really is an art - getting it all smooth and straight.

Peppermint was glad to see us when we got home! I do believe he was a bit offended that we had left him in the care of others, but he was well fed and watered and really lacked only the laughter of the children and their kind attentions. He greeted us at the door and was very vocal in his welcome, just as we hoped he would be.

So, now we are home! Many loads of laundry have been processed, and the items we purchased are gradually finding a home in our home! I have a heavy cold - The Historian feels that we are to share in all things apparently! It is tiring and bothersome, but I think I am on the mend. There is nothing like a good night's sleep in your own bed! At least I didn't suffer as much as he did since he came down with the cold on our way to Niagara Falls and had to endure the fun and games with a pounding head - in fact he was too unwell to join us on Monday, so he really missed out!

I have pictures to share another time! I am too tired tonight! As my mum says, vacationing isn't for the faint of heart! Our refrigerator, which is just over a year old, died today. We were thanking the Lord that it didn't die while we were away, and that we have a second fridge out in the Grammy Flat that is taking up the slack until Sears can get here to fix this one for us. The other fridge is smaller and so it was a game of using up what we could and condensing the contents. I made apple sauce, juiced 3 dozen oranges, made potato salad and zucchini bread in and effort to reduce the bulk. Again, we feel so blessed to have an abundance of food! God is good!


  1. I really need to begin getting dressed for church but I had to comment.

    Isn't it odd when we "miss" people we haven't ever met? I saw your comment on Anna's site and realized I hadn't "seen" Heather for ages!

    Glad to have you back.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on the re-launching of Victoria magazine. It is just wonderful news!

    Btw, my daughter is the one who introduced me to Victoria, years ago. When she was planning her Victorian wedding.


  3. Welcome back, Heather! I'm so happy to hear you had a wonderful time with your family. I have been reading books from our libary about the Amish so I enjoyed your description of the countryside and seeing them busy at their work.

  4. I'm glad you were having so much fun with your family. It sounds a precious time.

  5. It is so nice to be missed and so warmly welcomed - thank you all! We did have a really nice time as a family - I just wish it could have been a bit longer, but there is always 'next vacation' I suppose!

  6. Welcome home!! It certainly sounds like y'all had a MARVELOUS time!!! It's wonderful to get away, but it's even MORE wonderful to come HOME!! :)

    Mrs. U


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