Monday, October 2, 2006

The Birthday Weekend

What a weekend! Our Birthday Girl was well blessed with fun and lovely gifts! She has some memories to cherish and some thank-you's to write!

On Saturday we had a family come for supper! It was a bit last minute, and The Historian was required at work, so the children and I worked together most of the day to get ready! Since heavy rain was predicted, and I didn't want to ask The Historian to stand out in it to grill, we decided on an 'oven meal'. This is what the Birthday Girl chose - we were trying to keep things simple!

The Menu:
Mandarin Orange Dream Jellied Salad
Romaine Layered Salad & various dressings
Homemade Crescent Rolls & butter
Cheesy Whipped Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli & Baby Carrots
Harvard Beets
Rolled Chicken Washington
Apple Pie & Ice Cream
Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal which I served slowly in courses to give time for conversation. The Birthday Girl set the table with old pink china and flowered napkins! Our Dreamer's little girl friend spent the night. What giggling! I must say, 'sleep-over's' ought to be re-dubbed 'no- sleep-over's'! There was even a confiscated flashlight before the night was through, but I do believe they had a good time.
Sunday morning we enjoyed waffles - heart shaped of course, and fresh fruit salad. I added protein powder to the waffles since our young guest is a picky eater and had nothing of substance for dinner. We went to Sunday School and Church and our Birthday Girl was wished a very happy day by many new friends there.
We came home briefly to change into play clothes and headed to a favorite dairy and restuarant for lunch and to explore the barns there. I cut crunchy sweet apples and prepared water bottles for the journey, since we were already a bit hungry. This Dairy is famous throughout the Midwest, and is often busy, but as they were hosting a Fall Farm Festival, it was crazy! We waited more than an hour for a table, but thankfully we were outdoors and enjoying a georgous day. I carry learning cards in my purse and the girls ran about identifying trees by their bark and leaves, while our Storyteller played on a 1943 Case Tractor. Our meal was enjoyable but very slow, but we were patient and our kind waiter gave us free desserts for our trouble. The homemade ice cream there is wonderful, and I enjoy their dairy free gelato - mmmm! Our daughter wanted to have the staff sing to her - and there were many other birthdays celebrated yeasterday as well! After our meal we played a fun round of mini-golf and enjoyed petting the young goats, sheep and jersey cows.
After arriving home The Birthday Girl decided it was time to open her gifts! She called her Poppa and Grammy to open their gifts via speaker phone! She was excited and delighted with all she was given - a very blessed and thankful little girl! We ended the day with a healthy snack and taking our young guest home! The Birthday Girl was sure she was too excited to sleep, but once she was tucked into bed she fell right to sleep. I came in just after she turned out her light to pray with her and she was sound asleep, so I prayed over her, thanking God for the blessing of being her Mommy, and praying about some of the hopes and dreams we have for her 9th year!
The Dreamer's middle name is 'Autumn Joy' and we truly feel that way about her! She brings us so much joy each day - we are blessed to be watching her grow into the girl God wants her to be! I think so much of Our Dreamer's birthmom as each year passes and praise God that she chose life for this precious girl. I know it must be the hardest thing in the world to give up a baby, but adoption is such a wonderful and unselfish choice, and has been such a blessing to our family. Our daughter is a beautiful picture of our adoption into God's family through the work of Jesus on the cross. Praise be to God!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It sounds like a wonderful day!!!

  2. I hope this is not too personal. I am a birthmom. It touched my heart to read that you think of your daughter's birthmom every year.


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