Friday, October 27, 2006

A Timely Tip

On Sunday, we end Daylight Savings Time here in our neck of the woods. Turning the clocks back an hour in Fall, or forward an hour in Spring has always been a big adjustment for the children and I. We found a simple way to make the seasonal time changes without quite so much difficulty. We begin changing our daily routine by 15 minutes each day for 4 days before the actual time change. This means going to bed, meal times and rest times are all changed gradually, instead of expecting everyone adjust in one day. It works well for our family so I thought perhaps I would share my tip for you to try! The trick to remembering this tip is to write it on the calander 4 days before the aforementioned change occurs - and it really doesn't help to write it in the wrong week as I have done this time! I really am a bear of very little brain sometimes!

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