Friday, September 29, 2006

The Cleaning Lady

Today I played the cleaning lady! I read Anna's advice about cleaning at Pleasant View Schoolhouse, and I normally would do just as she suggested, dividing our home into zones and attacking each, one at a time, but today was a full assault! After all my time in the kitchen yesterday (and I am a messy cook!) my kitchen floor needed a scrub! I decided to play cleaning lady and after I calculated what I would save by doing an all house cleaning myself, I was really motivated!

In my effort to absorb the lingering ordors of the chili sauce, I sprinkled baking soda on our carpeted surfaces and left it to be vacuumed in the afternoon. The children have regular chores - when Grammy isn't here to do them before they can! They each tidied their rooms as well because I wanted to do their floors, while I was at it! The mop comes out almost every day, but today all of my floors have just had a good going over, the bathrooms sparkle, the woodwork is dusted and the furniture has a fresh coat of lemon oil and fresh doilies. I even did a few windows and the mirrors! I feel really good about getting most of the house clean at once, but I am tired! I want to attack the kitchen when I'm fresh tomorrow morning, but I don't need to do the oven since it had a good cleaning on Monday! There is nothing quite like the discovery of a stiff mouse beneith your oven drawer to instigate a thorough stove cleaning! It sparkles!

The reason for all this cleaning - why a birthday party of course! Our Dreamer will turn 9 on Sunday! So exciting! If her little friend is well, and she is well - they are both struggling with seasonal colds and asthma I think, we shall have a party!

I am thankful for the energy to accomplish this much - two days of good productivity in a row! I hope to relax and enjoy tomorrow. We always sit down the day before a birthday and look through the scrapbook and marvel at God's rich blessings in our family!

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