Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fresh linens but no nose to smell them

This morning as I hung out the washing my hands tingled with cold and I could almost smell that wonderful intoxicating scent of washing dried in the sunshine of a cold fall morning. By midmorning we were watching flurries scuttle across the ominous grey sky on winds too gusty for kite flying. After lunch we all scooted outdoors to soak up some sunshine in warm coats, mitts and gloves against the very fresh air. I was hoping to rescue more of my herbs and ivy, and the children were piling huge stacks of leaves for jumping and composting.

Our dear cat Peppermint has taken to bringing us 'gifts' - moles, fieldmice and grey squirrels to be specific. Today's gift was a small field mouse discovered by the children and thus requiring a decent burial. Out came the big shovel, a hole was dug and a few words of thanks to The Creator of the mouse and the cat who caught it were said. It was an impulsive act of disobedience on the part of The Storyteller that caused the handle of that shovel to make firm and abrupt contact with my nose. The pain was instant and blood and the tears flowed freely.

It is evening now. The wash is in from the line, folded and put in it's appropriate places, but for now I cannot smell it. The Storyteller is so very sorry, and hopefuly he has learned a valuable lesson about first time obedience. I am finding it hard to be thankful for a nose red as can be, twice it's normal size and two darkened eyes, but I'm sure a good night's sleep will help me see the humor in this!

The worst of it is that today is our 15th wedding anniversary. The Historian and I had arranged for a rare dinner out together and we had been looking forward to it all week. With a swollen face and massive headache for me, and a little boy who lost his priveledges for today, our evening out was cancelled. I am so disappointed, but hopefully we will get a chance to do something fun together on the weekend. I have so much to be thankful for in our marriage relationship - my Historian is a wonderful husband and we have been through so much together. God is good! Even when I cannot smell the linens!


  1. Oh, Happy Anniversary! I'm so sorry to hear about your swollen nose. Ouch!!! I hope it heals quickly and you and your husband get out to celebrate this weekend.

  2. Thank you Kelli - my nose is much better, though the darkness around my eyes and the headache remain! Thank goodness for cover stick - I wouldn't want to be out in public without it! We bought a 2 quart antique butter churn today for when we go ' Little House' - I thought of your family experiment!


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