Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Quiet Day

Today was an unexpected blessing … a quiet day at home. Wednesdays are generally busy – we begin with a visit to the chiropractor, piano lessons and errands, a quick lunch at home and out again to speech therapy for The Storyteller, home for dinner and a last minute brush up on our AWANA verses before heading out the door to church. Whew! I purposely planned Wednesdays to be our ‘out of the house’ day, but sometimes it is a little taxing. I am trying to economize fuel and energy, so though it makes for a busy day, there are fewer interruptions the rest of the week.
Today, however, our Storyteller awakened with a stuffy nose and hacking cough. Again. We rescheduled everything but piano for The Dreamer since The Historian was able to take care of that on his morning off. We won’t be going to AWANA since we never appreciate the spreading of germs when other sick children are sent, and The Historian works late tonight. Thankfully we were not overly committed for tonight, so we will not be much missed.
Grammy blames herself for The Storyteller’s colds because she had so many as a child, and The Storyteller seems to ‘take after’ her in other ways. I don’t think she should worry - statistically, he is well within the ’normal’ schedule for childhood colds. It doesn’t help that he is the most impulsive little fellow in our clan, and often runs outside barefoot and without a coat, no matter the weather. The chicken and rice soup is simmering and we are doing all we can to keep his germs contained, fearing that The Dreamer, who struggles with asthma, will catch his bug. I’m sure he will be well in jiffy!
At last, I have had a quiet day. A bit of washing, 6 jars of apple pie filling canned for quick Apple Kuchen in the winter, two loaves of whole wheat bread, a bit of cuddling, and toy washing, some school work for The Dreamer, a bit of folding and picking up and a story or two – dozen! I had unexpected time to do some planning for the weeks ahead, some reading of favorite blogs, and some extra praying for friends who are really going through hard trails. I do so love a quiet fall day - I enjoy spending time in our little nest!

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