Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's delightful to dream!

You just never know what is around the bend at times! This is a road close to home last week just before the leaves really began to turn and fall. It always makes my heart sing when I come to this bend in the road, knowing we are safely home again.

On Monday of this week we celebrated our 29th Thanksgiving! We have always had so very much to be thankful to God for that we have celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving each year, no matter where we were living! It really helps to keep our focus on the blessing God has lavishly brought into our lives. We all enjoyed a simple turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. I was wishing I had the energy to invite some friends to join us as we have in other years, but it was nice to contemplate quitely. These special days are the hardest times to be so far from family. I know my parents were lonely, since they were not able to get together with my sister and her family - they were closing up their trailer for the season.

As we were cleaning up and getting the children tucked into bed, the phone rang and it was my Uncle and his lovely bride of two years. Heading home to Canada from a lovely tour of the Eastern States, they chose to place us on their busy itinerary and stop for a visit. We were so happy to see them and they enjoyed the rest in our Grammy Flat, the inlaw suite. Tuesday is baking day for us and so we had beef stew in the crock pot, homemade bread, a green salad and Down East Apple Pudding for dessert. This morning I made both carrot and 'muffins that taste like donuts' muffins and a big bowl of mixed fruit. With short notice, I wasn't able to fuss, but everything turned out fine. We see them so rarely, it was the time together that was most enjoyed. The children hoped they would stay longer, but they were off early this morning! We had an early appointment too - farm shopping!

An exciting possiblily has presented itself. Today we looked at a farmhouse, built in 1831, that is being offered for sale. It has 6 fireplaces and a swing arm and dutch oven in the old kitchen. There has been very little done to this home in 175 years - layers and layers of paint, but no major alterations. It is situated on 6 wonderful rolling acres surrounded by cornfields with a natural spring and a large old barn. There are apple trees and a creek. There is so much to be done though - crumbling plaster, no heat to speak of, ancient windows and 1 toilet - the 'shower' is in the unfinished basement, the kitchen is an old addition - a very bad old addition, and there isn't 5 square feet of counterspace total.

The possibilities are exciting, but overwhelming. After all of the renovations and additions we have experienced here in the last two years, I have learned two important things - it NEVER goes as smoothly as planned, and it ALWAYS costs 25-50% more than you expected and takes at least twice as long! The upside to this situation is that we would probably stay in our present home until the major renovations were complete and not have to live in the midst of the chaos, and in the end of all the work we would have 6 acres, established apple trees and room for chickens! We would be right around the corner from a godly Christian family who are good friends and dairy farmers, as my Poppa would say 'salt of the earth' kind of folks.

The thought of living in a historical home just really excites us, and having a piece of ground large enough for small animals and a big garden is thrilling, but we wonder if this is God's plan for our family. We hesitate to use so many of the resources of time and money that God has provided for our own comfort and enjoyment. We have a lot to pray about! The neat thing is that after all we have been through, we know that God's knows His plan for our lives, and He has it all taken care of. We are going to be content with knowing that though the bend in the road hides our future from view, it is not hidden from our Heavenly Father. We don't have to worry or fret, just trust, and listen for a clear answer from the Lord.

So, we'll be spending much time in prayer! What a lovely bend in the road we face!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mouth started to water reading about all the yummy things you were making!

    I have to say that I am so excited to hear about the possibility of moving to a farm! The one you described sounds like my dream home! 6 fireplaces and a creek! How wonderful!
    Keep us updated!


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