Thursday, October 26, 2006


I hate to leave you hanging, so I’ve decided this is a good place to tie up some loose ends.

Concerning the lovely 175 year old farmhouse offered for sale in our community; the Historian and I have prayed about this and have come to the conclusion that we are not to place an offer at this time. It’s funny because I thought I would be so disappointed to come to this conclusion, and I’m only relieved. We were so excited about the possibility of living in an unspoiled historic home on almost 7 acres with an old barn, spring, old apple trees, and a babbling brook. The reality is that restoring this home and property would take an enormous amount of energy, effort, time, and money. We had to weigh the facts carefully before we came to the conclusion that God’s timing is perfect and He will supply this kind of home when and if it is right, or He will remove our desire. For this season we are enmeshed in the joys of parenting the two gifts we have been given. It is such a short season, and we don’t want to miss it, stressed out by renovations! Right now we are working on improving my health and the many small projects involved in rejuvenating this 1950’s ranch and making it a place to call home for our family, and that is enough. For now. Isn’t life much simpler when we wait for God’s perfect time?

For those of you who are wondering, my injured nose is much better. It has been two weeks since the disastrous connection my nose suddenly made with the handle of our big shovel, thanks to our sometimes disobedient Storyteller. That it is so much better is an answer to prayer. After going through the lovely shades of healing and feeling a bit like I was applying cover up with a trowel, I can now say the bruising is gone, the swelling has vanished and my sense of smell has returned. The only things that still hurt are sneezing and The Storyteller’s rather arduous smooches! I feel so blessed that the accident wasn’t worse, especially since, like Anne Shirley ‘I have always been rather fond of my nose’.

Mr. Peppermint, our adopted cat, is fully at home in our home! Goodness, just how did that happen you may wonder, since he was supposed to be an outdoor cat? Despite my mild allergy to cat dander, we were compelled to bring Peppermint in after his neutering surgery since he was unable to defend himself in his delicate condition. He was the model patient and houseguest, but when we finally allowed him out, he was off like a shot! Since that time however, when the door opens, he is finding his way in to the sunroom/mudroom and placing his person contentedly on our oversized wicker chair. Hmmmm. It seems he doesn’t care for cold, wet weather! He still spends plenty of time outside, but our sunroom is no longer our own! When he attempts to sneak into the kitchen or to cozy up in the other chair under the plethora of pillows he finds himself OUT! Aren’t I mean?

P.S. I would love to know how to link back to my old posts to make it easier for you to find what I am refering to, but I still have not figured it out! I would be happy for any hints! Isn't learning something new frustratingly fun?

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