Friday, May 29, 2009

Sewing Riddle

When is a blouse no longer a blouse?

When it is a re-fashioned clothespin bag!
Thrifted blouse $1
Kid's hanger - on hand
$.50 Plastic canvas for a sturdier bottom - one sheet is enough for 10 clothespin bags!
Time: 15 minutes of sewing

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  1. What, really!? Wow! How neat! I like the little tie on the blouse LOL.

    All the best,

  2. So great!!! Isn't it fun to take things and remake them?!! Yesterday I was turning jeans into aprons for a shower. Will post pictures next week.

    PS: Thanks for the encouragement with my peonies.

  3. This is absolutely adorable Heather?? Did you come up with this idea?? It makes me want a clothesline!

    So very clever!! Hope your weekend is going well!!

    Ours has been good so far!! Just chillin now and checking out some blogs!!


  4. Sorry for the question marks! The were suppose to be exclamation points!! My daughter and niece are in here distracting me!! LOL!!

  5. What a cute and clever idea! I wish I had a clothesline!

  6. Allison - the tie was a part of the sleeve - it looked kind of boring without it - but it took the most time to make! Becky - this wasn't my original idea - it's as old as my grandma - but it's coming around again with the eco-green movement! Nothing new under the sun!
    Thanks for all of your kind comments!

  7. What a wonderful's so sweet!


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