Monday, June 1, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I really enjoy participating in Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook when I am able to.
Peggy is taking a hiatus from the Daybook for the summer until September, but I think I'll just keep on since it is such a blessing to me! It's just a great way to start the week!

For Today Monday, June 1, 2009

Outside My Window...
We started the day in sun, but soon were turning on lights and shutting windows. The heavens opened and we had a terrific thunderstorm, but it didn't last too long. This afternoon has been warm, humid and bright! What a day!

I am thinking...
I just love the fresh start of a new month and when it lands on a Monday, it's an added bonus!
Though, I'm still not convinced that it is actually June already ...

From the learning rooms...
Friday we ended our school year with a little family fun - we went to see a movie in the theater! It was quite a rare treat, and we all had a great time. We went to see Up! and it was quite a good tale - very family friendly and lots of giggles, but good lessons too and some excellent learning points for those 'teachable moments'.

Today we started the 'bare bones' summer school schedule. Two hours of the basics four days each week. Our tentative 'fun only' day is Wednesday - we'll plan community pool days, friend get togethers and day trips for Wednesdays for now and adjust as necessary.

I am thankful for...
A good grounding in God's Word and daily evidence of the power of prayer.

I am praying for ...
My sweet Mum and her burns - her feet are so very painful, and her hip is in agony too. I feel so badly for her!

From the kitchen...
It's salad time - nice cool meals with meat on the grill! No point heating up the house for supper!
Baking will be done in the evening or early morning - we are all out of cookies, so that's first on the list. I don't have a menu, but we're just going to wing it this week and use things from the freezer, along with some fresh veggies and fruit! I am hoping the drug free chicken will be on sale soon - our supply is low! Beef and pork are still plenteous!

I am wearing...

Long denim skirt, white tank top and thin white overblouse.

I am creating...
The Queen of Lists has struck again! I am creating our summer schedule, our goals for the summer - a plan for summer's 'life lessons' and character emphasis, as well as a long 'honey-do' list and an extensive sewing list. Most imperative - some summer jammies! Both children are well equipped with shorts and t's for day, but need some loose and cool cotton jammies for night!

Over the weekend I was sewing some more - I am on a kick to make myself some blouses since all there is in the stores are too low cut, too thin, or too form fitting for a plus sized figure! When my liver swells up, the last thing I need is tight clothing! I am trying to re-create a blouse that is comfy - for myself! I'm using some cheap cotton for a 'muslin' and will adjust from there.

I am going...
We've been to the library, and piano - and later we'll pick up the Historian after work. Tomorrow we won't be going anywhere, so I don't need the car until after the Historian gets home. I hope after supper tomorrow to get to the garden center for a few flats of annuals to get in the containers and blanks spaces in the garden.

I am reading...
We have a stack of books from the library - all about gardening!
I'm waiting for a rainy day to sit and enjoy them!

I am hoping...
That God will calm my impatient heart! I want the van fixed NOW, the medical bills paid NOW, the house fixed and finished NOW, the organizer for our homeschool books bought NOW, my body to be slimmer NOW, my liver to be healed NOW, our family to find true friendships in our new church family NOW ... you get the picture! We have done so much waiting over the years - so much. I think I should be good at it by now - that my patience muscle would be strong and unshakable, yet here I am again, impatient and anxious. The good thing about it is that I'm just calling out to God and asking Him to teach me again the lesson of waiting on Him! In light of eternity, these things are so small and unimportant!

I am hearing...
The chimes of the grandfather clock, the hum of the highway just over the hill, the birds enjoying the late afternoon sun and quiet! Just what are those children up to????

Around the house...
The wicker furniture is finally primed!!!! I had the tail end of a paint can explode on my feet when it fell out the the spray can trigger thingy that I was using. What a mess! I have the cushions all done - even the sweet little buttons that I used to 'tuft' them a bit! I just need the final coat of paint on the wicker - Dad brought his sprayer and left it here for me to use, so it should go fast - I just need a calm morning on a rain free day!!! The wicker was a 'bargain' but so much more work than I though it would be. The primer seems to have alleviated the flaking paint, so that's a blessing!

One of my favorite things...
Two happy children racing around the driveway on their scooters - laughing and giggling in the sunshine! What a pair!

Fitness goals ...
I'm adding this 'new category' here because I need a smidgen of accountability girls! I have a goal to loose a whack considerable amount of weight in the next 12 months. I started on May 1st with a medication that my doctor thinks might assist me, and I also started using Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home videos (borrowed from the library at first - now I am building my own library!) to get my body moving! I have never been an over eater, I've avoided fatty food most of my life and loosing weight is very hard for me. I need to do it very slowly so as not to overtax my ailing liver, but so far, I am really enjoying this new daily walking routine! I can walk at home and feel like I am doing something for me! So far, I've lost only 7 pounds, but I'm firming up muscles that are letting me know how long it's been since they were used! I've even lost inches around my waist! Yeah! Please pray for me - I must stick to this! I pray that it will get me in better shape for transplant time - or even better, make a liver transplant unnecessary! Wouldn't that be a blessing and a joy ????

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

We are still sharing the Historian's little car, so if I need it, we take him to work and pick him up. We are grateful to have it, but we are going to really appreciate the van when we get it back, I am sure!!!
  1. Piano this afternoon
  2. Garden and home chores - laundry!

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing:

I am dreaming up a way to rig something like this up with bits and pieces we have on hand -
I think it is lovely, but a bit out of price range at $375

Thank you for reading my daybook!
I hope it hasn't been depressing this week, but this is just life in our home at the moment and really sharing truthfully from my heart is one of the great joys of blogging!

Be sure to visit Peggy to read more Daybooks!

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  1. I enjoyed your daybook! I think I'm going to continue mine, too, during Peggy's break.

    I've just got acquainted with your blog. I didn't realize you are hoping to have a liver transplant.

    My hat is off to you with keeping up with your fitness goals. I am trying to do the same. I have the Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds video, too. I've been lately trying to ride my bike for exercise.

    I agree with you about it being hard to find blouses that are not too low cut! What's a girl to do!

  2. Summer sounds like it is off to a good start at your house! :) I'm sorry your mom's burns are still causing pain.

    I do hope and pray you find getting more fit to be of help and a do-able chore. I've made it a priority since my time in bed nearly 2 years ago. Often it feels like a waste of time, and I don't particularly enjoy it, but I do feel it makes a difference and is therefore beneficial for the family as a whole. (And I could be doing more -- I'm NOT saying I'm the best at getting fit).

  3. Hi! I've enjoyed your daybook. I've only been doing this for a short time and love it.

    Maybe we could encourage each other with the weight loss. I have a huge amount to lose - most of it has piled on over 3 years. I've joined up with a walking group once a week and I'm hoping to be able to join up with a 'ladies only' for 3 months it has short workouts ... and that's all I could afford for now.
    Well done on your weight loss so far .... don't say it's 'Only 7 pounds' - that's a great effort.

    All the best with it.
    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  4. I can relate to your impatient heart. I'll pray for yours, you pray for mine, OK? Have a lovely week. Warmly, Cathy

  5. Heather, I had no idea you were in need of a liver transplant -- I hope your health will soon be restored.

    And it sounds like you're doing wonderfully with your fitness goals. Seven pounds is nothing to sneeze at, you should be proud of your efforts!

  6. Elena - for sure - let's encourage one another and spur each other on! Cathy - I will pray for your impatient heart - thank you for praying for mine! Today is better - what a blessing! Wendy - here I thought I was complaining about my liver way too much lately! I have talked about it a bit on my blog, but try not to use it as an excuse or reason to just lay down and give up. God is using it in our lives to teach us total dependence and much more. I am not sick enough to be on a transplant list yet, but I am sick enough to feel very tired most of the time. You can search 'liver' on my blog if you'd like more particulars!


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