Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night Pizza and RODENTS!

Tonight we pole vaulted out of our usual rut and landed deep in the heart of Chicago - Style Deep dish pizza! Can we have a moment of silence please? Thank you! Doesn't it feel good to try something new for a change? I think so too!

Our inspiration - A great FoodWishes Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza video by Chef John! Yum - and ours looked just like his! I love it when that happens. The kids must think great things of my skills in the kitchen - they were sure it would turn out just fine! I forgot to take a picture so I grabbed the one from - but ours looked very much the same! I used my standard no fail Friday Night pizza dough recipe and followed his directions - adding toppings that I knew would make everyone happy and - success! I used a cup of my own pasta sauce canned last summer when the tomatoes were overwhelming me and the herbs couldn't be picked fast enough - enjoying the fruits of my labor is always fun! Now, we have something new to add to the Friday night line up and that's a really good thing!

Hop on over to if your looking for something new to try - we're going to make farmers cheese with some of our whole milk next! If you're like me and just a very simple cook, don't be intimidated by these famous 'foodies' who know so much about making food taste good - Chef John has great ideas for regular folks like me too!

On another, less pleasant subject - we got our van back today! The gas line was chewed on by RODENTS!!!! So just why are we feeding our outdoor kitty Mr. Peppermint, such healthy, delicious food when he isn't keeping the rodents at bay??? We even let him sleep in the sun room in the dead of winter and on rainy days, and he only has to have a bath once a year - we are good to him, I tell you - very good!!

We suspect the evil doer was a huge mouse that we found on the driveway earlier in the week. The children are quite used to Mr. Minty's 'offerings' and have a regular mouse/mole/bunny/chippy/bird/ squirrel cemetery, complete with markers and 'decent burial' services, in the back of the compost pile - so they just buried the poor fellow, but they had questions - there were no 'marks of death' on this mouse. Mr. Minty likes to 'play' with his gifts, and he usually brings them right up to the door for us - this guy could have been the culprit and died from his own gnawing ways. We'll never know, I guess. Mintyopolis certainly isn't telling.

We have had three people who heard the story of our gas line leak tell us that we are 'really lucky' and that it should have burned - we've had some great opportunities to share the power of God, the blessing of prayer and Divine provision for our dear Historian because of this fiasco. It's not something we'll be likely to forget for a long while - and that's not just because the whole van reeks of fuel. We're praying that strong odor dissipates quickly because even the short ride home made us all head-achy. That's after three engine 'shampoos' - this could take a while.

Did you see my tulip picture - it's 'evidence' against the gray squirrels - my most combative rodent population! They love to 'transplant' my bulbs after I have put them in in the fall - especially if we don't get a hard freeze right away. We didn't plant a single yellow tulip in our yard - but our neighbor has bunches of them! I have purple, pink, and white tulips and wonderful salmon daffodils - and this year, one bright yellow tulip smack dab in the middle of the purples! Mr. Neighbor has yellow - lots and lots of yellow, and one very pretty salmon daffodil right in the middle of his garden. And way back in the compost pile, my prized alums are shooting high above the rubbish and leaves!!!! What is that all about? Gardening is like the rest of life - best when sprinkled with a lot of humor!

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  1. Just found your blog since you commented on mine. I am fascinated by your tassels. Apparently I am the last one to hear that tassels are ALL THE RAGE since I dont have any like that! Who knew???? How are you picking a winner? Pick me, pick me!

  2. Chicago style pizza is my favorite...yum! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your pizza sounds so wonderful! I'm eager to try my hand at ricotta cheese -- apparently it is easy. :)

    I hope your van is soon odorless. So glad for the Lord's protection.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. That pizza looks so good!


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