Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 45th Birthday!

This is my beautiful MUCH older sister, Kerrie-Lee, and today is her 45th birthday!!! I just wanted to wish her a happy day, and special congratulations on this 'milestone' year!

Kerrie-Lee is a wife, the mother of three busy boys, a home daycare provider, a fitness enthusiast, a cyclist, an avid baker, beautiful sewer, knitter and loyal friend! She has lots of other talents too, including the uncanny ability to put things away before anyone has a chance to use them, and she has a passion for unique clothing, as her closet will attest! We live too far apart to spent much time with one another, but she and her boys are planning to visit our little corner of the Midwest in July and we will be packing in the fun as best we can in one short week! I'm excited!

Happy Birthday Kerrie-Lee

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  1. How nice to be introduced to your sister! I hope you have a wonderful visit when she comes.

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2009

    Thank you Heather!! Yes, I had a wonderful day with my Birthday buddy Karen. We also look forward to seeing you guys soon!


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