Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project Procrastinators Party: The BEFORE Photos

Our room door for size perspective, the door to our master bathroom is right beside this built in closet/drawer combo! Can you say ugly??? Someone stripped the paint very badly and left it as it is!

I've decided to join Melissa @ The Inspired Room in the Project Procrastinators Party with these BEFORE Photos of a project that has been on 'the list' forever. Painting it isn't really hard to do - and it's so nice when it's done! Why have a I put it off for 4 years??? I won't want to do it when the weather heats up, so now is the time! We'll see how far I get! There are more than 80 others who are taking up this challenge to get a long put off project out the way, so I am so glad to find that I am not alone!

Just in case you wondered - our walls are Benjamin Moore 'Tate Olive' - our Historian loves to sleep in a dark room, and this color is just so rich and relaxing!

Inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens


  1. great project! i'm sure it's going to look great when you are done with it! can't wait to see it.

  2. Great project! It will be amazing to see it finished! Thanks so much for joining in :-)


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