Monday, May 4, 2009

20 Of My Favorite Things

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color-
sage green
2. Dessert- gelato - hazelnut or chocolate
3. Smell- fresh linens washed with lavender and dried on the line on a breezy day
4. Flower- David Austin's English Roses - especially Harlow Carr
5. Animal- I like children better than animals!
6. Month- October
7. Beverage- tea - hot or iced, with sugar please!
8. Pair of shoes- my Mephisto 'Helen' sandals or my Naot's - comfort all the way
9. Snack- Toblerone
10. Song- Open the Eyes of My Heart
11. Book- The Bible has the most influence on my life day by day!
12. Fruit- Honeycrisp Apple
13. Hairstyle- long and natural
14. Piece of clothing- my long swingy denim skirt
15. Store to clothes shop- Does Goodwill count?
16. Season-Autumn
17. Hobby- sewing and baking
18. Thing to collect- E.O. Brody Milk Glass compotes
19. Movie- I'm not a movie person, but I loved Narnia
20. Restaurant- Ruby Tuesday

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  1. I enjoyed reading your list. I've never had gelato. Is it like sherbet? I like October/Autumn, tea, and Goodwill, too!



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