Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ballerina Dreamer

On Wednesday, our Dreamer had her Spring Ballet Recital. This is her 'burgundy' class - they dance their sweet toes off every Monday night with the lovely and talented Mrs. S.
They danced three dances - two 'on point' and one in soft shoes.
We liked the first dance best - The Sandpaper Ballet!

Poppa and Grammy have not been able to attend the Dreamer's recitals for a long time - they saw her first performance when she was 5 and too cute for words! It was a joy to have them here for this recital - her last recital. Sadly, ballet is no longer fun for our Dreamer - she misses her good friend, Dancer who moved far away last spring.

Poppa presented his girl with a lovely mixed bouquet!
Dreamer does love her Poppa - her eyes were shining!

What's a special night without a bite or two of ice cream?
This was a bit messy, but yummy ... or so they said!

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  1. What fun!!!! Your Dreamer looks lovely! Dancing just seems so feminine!

  2. Great photos of your lovely girl, and I think I would love my granddad too if he gave me flowers and ice cream!!!


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