Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's been a rough week health-wise and I have also been so concerned about my sweet Mum! She is in dreadful pain with her healing burns and now she has 'caught' the children's colds! We know that germs can't pass through the phone lines, but somehow all those 'hugs and kisses over the phone' translated into a horrible cold for Grammy. More likely it was all the hanging out at the doctor's office she's had to do lately in care of her burns. I know just how she feels cold wise, but I am thankful to say that I am on the road to feeling better - I think! I'm back down to one nap a day, so I see that as progress!

As I gazed out the window after one delightful nap this week, I realized I just had to take a picture of something that made my heart sing in the middle of a rough patch - the ornamental cherry tree. I'm so glad I did because the heavy rains today have all but dismantled all those lovely sweet blossoms.

Can simple pink tulips make your heart sing? You bet they can! Especially when they are bathed in evening sunshine! How I wish I was a better photographer - but I read 'Digital for Dummies' and I'm still in the dark! I might as well have read it in a foreign language!

Grammy had her heart set on seeing our two hardworking kiddos receive their Awards at AWANA last night since she is our AWANA loving Grammy and a huge part of their motivation to succeed at AWANA. Grammy is a T&T leader and she has listened to their verses and been able to sign their books when she is here visiting. She always challenges them to do 'just a bit more' and move forward when the going gets tough. So, we really missed her and she really missed being here to take some decent pictures of our two hardworking goofy children! They would have smiled for her!!! Our Grammy!

I have an answer to prayer to share! The fuel line in our van disintegrated and spewed gasoline all over the engine and undercarriage of our van. And yes - it is a praise and an answer to prayer - really!

Last night, after the AWANA Awards Night, our Historian made a milk run out to the farm, knowing the bulk tank would likely be full. On his way home he smelled 'something' strong, but wasn't sure what was happening. By the time he got home, the van was smoking - the engine light was on and everything stunk like fuel. Including my normally sweet smelling husband. It was all over the driveway too. How is that an answer to prayer? Well, before we tuck the children in for the night, we always pray with them individually. Last night Daddy was on the milk run, so I got to pray with the children. We prayed for Daddy - thanking God for all the quiet ways he shows his love for us each day, and we prayed for his protection - no special reason but it came to both children's minds. We were also thanking God for all of the ways He provides for our family and prayed we would never take His provision for granted and that our hearts would be always grateful. Again, just pretty general and not at all unusual, but obviously there was purpose in our prayer time.

Did we get a 'right away' answer to our prayers? For certain. Both children were amazed that God protected Daddy who was driving home in a majorly unsafe vehicle - and today, while we had to have the van towed away to be repaired, we are grateful that a situation that could have been so much worse, was really not too bad. I'm thinking we'll be grateful when we get the van back, too. We had a few sad moments when we heard of another home school family that lost the Daddy in their home yesterday, and we thought of our Historian and decided we need to be more grateful for God allowing him to be the leader of our little family.

I'm thankful because it gave me yet another chance to talk with our Storyteller, who is often overcome with doubts about God's Word, God's love and God's goodness. If ever there was an juvenile theological skeptic, our Storyteller is it. At times he is completely walking in faith and the assurance of the absolute truth of God's Word in it's entirety, and at other, less frequent times, he has many doubts. He is such a passionate boy, and we look forward to seeing all that God has in store for this little man - and in the meantime, we are not waiting for him to be a great man, but are striving to help him be a great boy!

For tonight, our sweet Dreamer is on a 'date' with her Daddy - they are at the Historical Society Spring Banquet and enjoying a very special speaker - hopefully learning lots and having some great Daddy/Daughter bonding time. It's such a joy to see her growing up into such a beautiful young lady - and these kinds of evenings are great for keeping the lines of communication open, and teaching our precious girl just how she ought to be treated when it comes time for her to have some special friendships later on ... much MUCH later on!

I'm off to read to our Storyteller - and I'm sure our prayers tonight will have a healthy dose of thanksgiving!

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  1. Isn't it neat when we hear of prayer answered after we've prayed?

    Last Friday night I kept having an overwhelming need to pray for Christopher. He was spending the night with a friend so I didn't hear until the next day what happened.

    He'd attended a party on campus that some people he knew from the bookstore was holding. Someone spiked his punch with a drink that is so strong, just a shot glass full can cause someone to get drunk and sick (which he did).

    Thankfully, one of his friends stopped by who knew he was attending this party and saw what condition he was in and drove him to their other friends house in our car.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if he tried to drive home in the country like that?

    He found out the next day what had happened. He was not only safe but he also made the decision to not go to any parties where someone may be drinking (which is 99% of the campus parties)!

    I knew why I couldn't stop praying for him.

    SO glad your hubby is okay. We had a car blow up in our driveway in the 1990s so the fact he had such problems with the car and it didn't when he was DRIVING is a miracle.

  2. Wow - God really did protect him! What a blessing!

  3. Your spring flowers are beautiful! they make my heart happy too. How wonderful that your children did so well in Awana -- what a great program to be a part of.

    I'm glad the Lord answered your prayers and kept your husband safe. I can't wait until heaven to see how God worked the prayers of His people out into all the circumstances of life -- it will be amazing!

    I hope you all have a good weekend and you'll be feeling better next week. I think the worst of my cold was yesterday, so maybe I'll soon be healthy too.

  4. I get the same joy from lovely flowers! So glad they were there for you to see at just the right time!! God knew!

    What a huge praise!! I am so glad hubby is fine!! It is so neat when the kids see answered prayer.

    May you have a blessed weekend, and congratulations to the kids on their awards!!
    Hugs 'n joy,


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