Monday, January 19, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I really enjoy participating in Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook when I am able to.
It's a great way to start the week with a positive focus.

For Today
Monday, January 19, 2009

I really want to keep in the habit of doing this weekly daybook,
but today it's going to have to be the 'Reader's Digest' version.

I'm sick.
They say homeschooling mums are over achievers -
I don't know about that, but we do tend to strive for excellence!
I guess when I get sick, I even like to do that up well!

I spent a miserable day in bed Saturday with fever and chills, a splitting headache
and such a sore throat, and the night wasn't much better.
On Sunday morning I asked to be taken to the After Hours Clinic to see a doctor.

The results:
Strep throat
(fastest positive rapid strep test she had seen)
double ear infection
sinus infection
swollen glands
My doctor was quite funny about the whole thing - she prescribed 'magic mouthwash',
'horse pills' and some 'perk you up's'.
Quite a lot for a woman who generally avoids any and all meds if possible.

She also gave me three days off work!!!
She told me to go back 1/2 days at first and ease into things.
I'm not sure if she understood what I said when I told her I was a stay at home home schooling mama, or if she knows just what that entails!

My dear Historian was home all weekend and has taken 2 days off work.
He is taking such good care of me and the children are helping out too.

I'm quite sure I'll be on the mend quickly, but your prayer support is much appreciated!

Thank you for reading my daybook!

Be sure to visit Peggy to read more Daybooks!
There are many many others participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook
and it is so much fun to read their thoughts!

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  1. I hope you feel beter soon! I'll pray for you.

  2. I pray you'll be better soon, also. How wonderful that the Historian could take time off to help!

    God bless!

  3. I do pray that you feel better soon.

    Anytime you have a throat that is swollen and sore, it is so much worse than just an everyday cold.

  4. I am so sorry you are sick, but I enjoyed visiting your blog and getting a peek at your life.

  5. Sure hope you are on the mend and feeling better easy on yourself!

  6. I'm so sorry. That sounds dreadful. I can't believe you have all of that combined. No wonder you are feeling so sick! I hope and pray that you make a quick recovery.

  7. Hope that you are already feeling much better!


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