Friday, January 23, 2009

National Pie Day Success!

Ready? Set? Bake!

I am blessed to have a 'baking corner' where everything is at my finger tips and ready for a Baking Day! Ours isn't a big huge kitchen, so when we renovated shortly after moving here 4 years ago (already?), I knew that I wanted to design it for maximum efficiency! I haven't re-arranged much since we moved everything in because it seems to really work well for me - though it is a bit squishy in my corner if I have more than one helper!

I think I've confessed before that
I am not a confident pie maker.

My Mum is an amazing pie baker and to her it truly is 'easy as pie'. Not so much for me!
The thing is, I just keep trying, and I do it because I love my family and this is a special treat we all enjoy! I'm not being braggy and boastful when I say that I am getting better at it - I just want to encourage your heart! Keep trying - we'll get it by and by!

Do you see my pie plate collection? I pick them up here and there thrifting - never paying more than $1 or $2. Most of them are clear glass because of my Mum's sage advice -

It is easier to know if the pie is completely baked if you can just peek at the bottom and make sure the pastry is light golden brown and not 'gray'!

Do you see my cute 'mini' pie plates?
These are really hard to find, so when I do see one I snap it up!
They are so very handy for sending over to Mr. Neighbor.
A man in his 90's ought to have home baked pie once in a while, don't you think?
They also are great for making anyone feel extra special when I whip up a 'just for you' little pie!

I actually have a few more pie plates, but they are in the freezer with Tortiere (French Canadian Meat Pie) and unbaked shells in them for quick pies another day.

Pie pastry anyone?

Now things are really getting messy! Do you see that long skinny metal thing-a-ma-jig?
I stole borrowed it from my Mum! It's so very helpful in pie making.

I use it to slide between the counter and the rolled pastry and to help fold the pastry in half to place in the pie plate. I also use it to trim the pastry that hangs over and to clean up the counter when all is said and done!

You might think we are hosting a Pie Social here tonight, but I promise you that we aren't! I'm planning on sending my ambassadors out to distribute pies to friends who just might not be aware of the importance of this very special day! Of course, there will be a few pieces left for all takers here at home as well!

on the menu ...

- for the Historian who has been such a wonderful good man during this current illness

- For Dreamer

- a tiny little pie for the Storyteller


- just because!

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  1. Heather, they look really delicious. I am organising a surprise party for my husband's 50th birthday in 2 weeks. I haave asked some women from the Church to bake me some home made apple tarts (pies)and I know they will go down a treat.

    There should be quite a few at the party which is being held in the church centre and so I am really looking forwards to it.

    Last year we buried a brother who was in his early 50's. He had been so sick for so long so we were glad for him. However, the croud that came to his funeral was so laarge that people not only had to stand at the back of the hall and out in the hall way, but they also had to stand out side.

    I decided that I would like Niall to see how much we love him now.

    Will post about it all in 2 weeks, until then I must keep it a secret as best as I can:-)

  2. Oh Heather!!! These look SO good!!! Any chance you would share your recipes??? Pretty please?

    And I hope you and your family had a wonderful National Pie Day!!!!

    Mrs. U

  3. YOU GO, GIRL!! :-) I'll take a piece of one of those berry pies! YUM!

    Blessings from Ohio...

  4. They look so good! you did a great job! your crusts turned out very pretty!!!

  5. Those are gorgeous pies!!! One of my goals this year is to master pie crusts. Momma keeps telling me it's like making just have to keep doing it till you are good at it! This post is serious inspiration!!


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