Saturday, January 24, 2009

A cat by any other name?

I think I have been patient quite long enough!
Today is the day that I finally get top billing on this so-called family blog!

I don't know what my humans have been thinking.
I have been a part of this family since September 2006 and not once have I had a feature post!
An occasional mention now and then! That's all!

Pretty? Did someone say pretty kitty?
That's handsome ... if you don't mind!

My name is Mr. Peppermint, after all!
Also known as Mr. Minty, Mintyopolis, Inty and Peppy.

Oh, and Naughty Kitty once in a while ...

Are you wondering how I became part of this family and why I was
given such a wonderful name?

I remember it like it was yesterday....

After spending some time out in a lonely field covered with some sort of filthy dark plastic, I decided that it was far too hot and confining. I was hungry and I just really wanted my Mama, but she was no where to be seen. I clawed my way out of the darkness and began wandering around in a big scary field. There were loud crazy machines cutting hay and it was terrible.

The Creator had His hand upon me as I crossed the busy road and
found myself on a nicely cared for quiet lawn.

I wandered up to the door of the house but right away a big huge black beast
barked wildly and chased me!
I ran for my life to another green lawn - this one not so well cared for, but strewn with toys .
I could hear happy children inside the house and I smelled something wonderful ... food!

I found it easy to peek through the back door and thankfully, this time - no barking beast!
It wasn't long before two small children were looking back at me
and calling their Mama to come and see me!

I tried to look cute, but I was just so tired and hungry.
I meowed as best as I could, but no one opened the door.
I decided to lay down and have a nap in the sunshine.
It was warm but I began to shiver and shake.

That's when they opened the door.
I didn't have the strength to walk in so a sweet little human Girl picked me up
and brought me in the house.
They gave me a wee bit of tinned milk and tuna fish.
It was true love!

Then, they put me back outside!

They tried to ignore me, but every day I kept coming back at lunch time
and I tried to look my handsome best! When I meowed and cried, they fed me.
I think the Boy and Girl tried very hard to convince the
Mama and Daddy to let me stay - and it worked!

After a while, they took me to a terrible place where I had a check up and a little surgery.
After that, I was forced to stay in the sunroom until I was back on my feet.
They bought me real yummy kitty food and I began to grow and get stronger!

That's when I got my name:

- the literary cat

There is a very old Little Golden Book on the bookshelf that was much loved by the children. It is called 'The Candy Shop' and in it there is a little white kitty named Peppermint, that lived in the Candy Shop because no one really wanted it. One day a wee girl comes into the shop and falls in love with the cat, naturally, but has not money to buy her. The Candy shop owner shows compassion for the girl and gives her the kitten. She takes him home and gives him a bath, but accidentally drops him in her mother's bluing! His lovely white fur turns blue! She takes him to school for the annual class pet show, and he wins the first prize!
It's such a touching story!

I think that I won first prize when the Creator guided me to this family!
They are very good to me.

I have the best seat in the house - overlooking the back patio garden!
Who needs t.v. when I have the whole garden to look at!
In the summer I have butterflies and hummingbirds to play with!
I love to roll around in the herb garden.

Do you see that chaise lounge?
My human Mama recovered it just for me!

For the most part, I am an outdoor cat all summer, and just come in for breakfast and supper, but in the winter - well, let's just say that I don't like snow one bit!

I am supposed to stay on the towel on the ottoman, which my Girl human changes and washes far too often. Just when I get it smelling like home ... you know how it is with these humans - far too clean if you ask me! I also have the Boy's old stroller outside on the Grammy flat porch stuffed with fluffy towels - it's a great place to hunker down for a nap.
The towels out there get quite nice because my Girl often forgets to wash them!

I sometimes sneak into the cushions on the chairs in the sunroom, but not when any of my humans are looking or I'll find myself out the door no matter the weather!

Bad habits? Why of course not! I would never attack the wicker chairs in the sunroom with a vengeance and cause untold destruction! Never!

Enough of the spotlight for me - I really need to take another nap now!
No doubt someone will soon come along and sit in the big chair and scratch me
behind the ears until I purr with contentment!

Life is good!


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  1. "The Candy Shop" was one of my favourite stories when I was a girl. My heart would hurt for that little girl who didn't have a pet and for that kitten nobody wanted. I love happy endings and no matter how old I get my favourite ending will always be "...and they lived happily ever after".

    Mr. Peppermint is a great name for such a handsome feline!

    Under His mercy and grace,

  2. Hey Peppermint
    You forgot to say that you are also told that you are getting to bold!
    You have been coming up stairs and will not go down until we pick you up and carry you down stairs.

    Naughty Cat


  3. Cute post!

    Boy, were you busy with the pies! They all look great and I like the idea of individual pies!

  4. Heather you constantly amaze me.

    You have such a wondrous imagination.
    Such a way with words. And I sure know where our Storyteller gets his wonderful vocabulary and imagination from.

    Keep up the great work honey :>)

  5. Dreamer - - - you are so right. . . that is a bold kitty and the kitchen floors tell us that



  6. Hi Heffalump
    Guess what Inty had to go out because he was scratching the floor again!

    Naughty Kitty


  7. Well, hello Mr. Peppermint. What a very handsome cat you are.

    I have a sign here in the office, just to my left... one you would appreciate.

    It says: "This house is maintained solely for the convenience and comfort of the CAT".

    There is a lot of truth in that, too.

  8. Very nice to meet Peppermint! cute post!

  9. The cat is beautiful and I just love your chair...

  10. Mr. Minty is beautiful!! I'm so glad we got to meet him! Great post! :o) I hope we will be seeing more of Mr. Minty in the future...

  11. I love Mr. Peppermint! I do so miss having cats. My DH and DD#2 are deathly allergic to cats. Boohoo...

  12. Hi peppermint
    Some of your other names are
    Pepperoni mackerony and others.

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