Friday, January 23, 2009

National Pie Day

Have you heard the good news?

Today is National Pie Day!

What a fun 'holiday' to celebrate!
I took a quick survey last night and the choices were wide - blueberry, dutch apple, chocolate, pecan, and butterscotch were all suggested!

Our thoughtful Storyteller even suggested that since I am still just getting well, we should just drive over to our favorite Airport Cafe and gobble some of their yummy homemade pie! Sadly, little things like work and school put a crimp in that plan, but as soon as our school work is done, we're going to get to baking! We'll be sure to save some for the Historian for when he gets home from work!

What kind of pie are you going to enjoy today in celebration of this National Pie Day?

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  1. i wish my schedule allowed us to celebrate by baking a pie today. These kinds of "holidays" are so fun to participate in. I hope you have fun making yours. And I hope you continue to feel better and better.

    I have some bulbs that are just blooming inside and they make me think of you and your forced bulbs last year. :)

  2. Cherry Pie with the real Montmorency tart cherries would be best.

    Or Coconut cream pie.

    Or Pumpkin.

    Or Lemon.

    Or . . . .

    OK whatever you have on hand

    L O L


  3. Well so glad you shared with us today! I've been wanting to make a pie and today does seem like a perfect day. We just collected another basket of large pecans so that will be my choice of the day!

    And I found a recipe for a crust that tastes like a butter cookie! What could be better?


  4. What fun! I sure wish I had learned the skill of baking homemade pie...sure my hubbie does too! I only make the pudding type in graham cracker crust. Glad you are feeling better.


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