Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good news and bad news!

The good news is that our immigration appointment in the big city went really well yesterday - we got out of here on time, had good roads and a nice traffic flow - we found cheap parking and we were early for the appointment! All good! We were praising the Lord!

We saw a definite answer to prayer in that we got a very nice and compassionate Agent, and he even apologized for the length of time our case has taken! I was shocked! He didn't bother with the whole long interview since it was quite obvious that we are really and truly married - we've been married so long, we are beginning to look like one another! That, and and fact that we brought the children along ... proof that we are married I guess! I was glad that he didn't go into all of the questions that we were asked at our first interview 17 years ago - some were not fit for little ears, and I did a lot of blushing. I was just a young bride, after all!

The bad news is that my medical is missing.

As in, not in my file! My huge, honking, can't even close it properly file. Our file is more well traveled than I am, so perhaps it got lost along the way! It's been to States I've never even seen!

Thankfully, my dear Historian was able to quickly put his hand on our receipt for the U.S. cash that we paid to the Doctor for my medical - he is so organized! Our kind agent seemed to indicate that I would not have to re-take the physical - the office would simply get a certified copy re-issued. I hope that will be at their expense .... ? I don't want to re-take that physical. Not only is the exam quite invasive - it's expensive! Truthfully, I'm not entirely sure if I would pass it now, either. That's a scary thought.

The agent was saying that my visa would be a 10 year visa instead of the usual 2 year that they often issue first, since we have been married for so long. If they can quickly sort out the medical forms, I should receive it in 1-2 months! Yeah! Praise the Lord!

After our interview, we went to the Creation Museum again. What a joy and a blessing - it is so well done, and there is so much to learn. We had a fantastic time, but it wore me out! We came home a bit later than I'd hoped, and I crawled into bed and slept 11 hours.

I talked with our Congressman's office this morning. They called to see how everything went and assured me that if there are any more problems, they will be involved and work on our behalf. I think they want to get my file off their desk as much as we want it to be resolved! That's a blessing!

Today, we have all been very tired, but we are working steadily away at school and home chores. Our Storyteller learned a hard lesson - he was wandering around brushing his teeth and sister bumped into him hard - which shoved the toothbrush down his throat and hurt him badly. His throat is so sore. We are doing soft foods only - an no spices since they really hurt too!

I've made chicken noodle soup, banana muffins, orange jello with 'floating mandarins', brownies, apple sauce, and I have two loaves of whole grain bread rising. He has asked for mac and cheese for supper - without the pepper.

The other big big big blessing is that we have SNOW!

Yeah! Everything is canceled, but we don't mind! We are just as happy as can be to have inches and inches of soft fluffy white snow! The children played outside for hours! It's still coming down fast, and the Historian called to say that they've decided to close up shop at the library, so he is heading home! It's been a day of blessings - including a call from my Mum saying that since we can't 'slip up' to Canada for a visit for at least a month or two, they are going to come down again! Something special to look forward too for sure!

For now, if you need us, we'll be catching snowflakes on black paper

and looking at God's handiwork ....

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  1. I'm so glad things went (relatively) well. At least what didn't should be an easy fix. :)

    You probably got the same snow we did. While it caused some travel problems for the guys this morning, it was gorgeous to look at here at home.

  2. I am so happy for you! So happy that things went relatively well.

    The Creation Museum?? Oh we have been saving to make the trip there. My boys can hardly wait. I'm not sure it we'll make it this year, but we will at some point!

    Have a happy, snowy day!


  3. Rejoicing in your blessing at your appointment...praying they will replace your medical file quickly and all will be resolved!

    Enjoy that snow...

  4. SO glad that your apt. went mostly well!!! and that you should have a visa soon!!! YEAH! I like the snow too, and the quieter days all at home.

  5. I'm glad things went fairly well, Heather! Our congressman was a big help, too. Enjoy the snow for me. :0)


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