Monday, July 28, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I am so enjoying participating in Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook.
It's a great way to start the week with a focus.

For Today Monday, July 28, 2008

Outside My Window...
it is dull and spitting rain, the air is heavy and the birds are singing loudly

I am thinking...
of how much I wish I could be with the children at Mum and Dad's -
but I know they are having a great time without me!
This morning Dreamer starts a daily canoe camp -
I know she is going to have a great time and be really good at canoing!

I am thankful for...
one more week of working on projects and precious time alone with my husband.
I am also thankful that his leg is healed and that he is working with a
doctor to find the underlaying cause of the re-occurring cellulitis.

I am praying for ...
our many dear friends who are so fresh in their grief -
May God bring them healing and comfort.
Today is the memorial for Mrs. Lula and I so wish we could be there.

From the kitchen...
I used up all of the 8 oz. jelly jars Mum bought for me
and now I am having to buy more!
The Preserve Tally:
Strawberry jam - 21
Mulberry jam - 18
Black raspberry jam - 23
Red raspberry jam - 18
Blueberry jam - 18
Sweet pickle relish - 10
Golden plum preserves - 8
Fiesta corn relish - 8
Apple Jelly - 7

This week I won't be doing as much preserving since our pantry is getting full and I need to wait on our tomatoes to ripen for chili sauce, salsa, pasta sauce, etc. I will make green bean pickle, I think, and try to blanch and freeze some green beans since I don't have a pressure canner yet.
I have blueberries, raspberries and grated zucchini in the freezer.
I hope to freeze some peaches and more blueberries this week.

I have set aside Wednesday for a cooking day and will chose some recipes from
'Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer' and I hope to put 10 dinners in the freezer.

I am wearing...
my favorite white blouse over a white shell and a lightweight denim skirt.
My feet will soon have my most comfortable shoes for in the house on,
and my hair is still damp, but I'll be putting it up as soon as it drys.

I am creating...
I've gone a bit crazy with this fun project lately!
Hobby Lobby has their upholstery trims on this week for 30% off,
so I may have to go back for more!

I am going...
to stay home today and work on the inside things that I have been neglecting!
I keep saying that when it rains I will clean, but it hasn't rained during the day all week!!!

I am reading...
This is really exciting for me!!!!
I was asked by a real author to review her book! Me! Little old me! Can you imagine?
It was sent to me this week and I am so excited about reading it! The book is called
From Clutter to Clarity: Simplifying Life from the Inside Out
written by Nancy Twigg.

I'll be posting a review of the book later this week!

I am hoping...
that I use this week wisely and honor the Lord in all I do!

I am hearing...
the occasional car pass by and the wet sound of the pavement under their tires.
Suddenly, the birds are silent, where they had been so loud!

Around the house...
I don't know quite where to start, but start I must!
I've spent some time praying for direction this morning
and now I've shared my plan with you!
I'm going to grab my trusty timer and work
for 15 minutes in each area that needs attention.

One of my favorite things...
talking with my Mum on the phone - but in person is even better

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
  • lunch with a friend on Tuesday and Friday - yeah!!!
  • Reading Nancy Twigg's great new book!
  • food prep for the winter and some freezer meals
  • painting projects, sewing projects
  • cleaning out our closet and my sewing closet
  • continuing the search for a bigger bookcase for Dreamer's room
  • look for some furniture for our side porch makeover - budget $150
  • still waiting to hear from Immigration - figuring out the next step

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These have been my 'tools' for all of the preserving and freezing this week!

Thank you for reading my daybook!

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  1. I enjoyed your daybook post. Sounds like our kitchen's are a lot a like, with a lot of preserving going on. My Mom and I are going soon to a blueberry farm to pick berries. I am going to freeze some and make pie filling and jam. YUM! I love to open my pantry after all the hard work and see all the beautiful preserves and foods. Stop by my blog sometime. I'll be back to visit yours.

  2. Boy you've been busy cooking up a storm :) Love it!

  3. What a great daybook, I just loved reading about all your canning, what an inspiration. We are growing our first garden this year, and none of the harvests have made it to the freezer or jar, they all get eaten up! I am hoping to can some salsa, chilis, and pasta sauce this year though. Lord knows I have enough tomato plants to provide for that wise. :)

  4. I will post the dilly beans tomorrow. Its a recipe that has been in the family a long time.

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2008

    Hi Mommy
    I read your blog and I like it.
    I went canoeing today and i had a lot fun.


  6. AnonymousJuly 28, 2008

    And I thought we were giving you time for just Y O U !!!

    Sounds like you are making your time home alone very productive honey. I know you'll really appreciate all the "goodies" when the cold winter months set in. It is going to be a hard winter you know. (Poppa David)

    Dreamer is totally bushed - nearly fell asleep into her food, but revived some - enough to read your blog and e-mail a letter.

    We are having a delightful time.


  7. well the blur slowed down in the church parking lot yesterday ... so i got to say "hello" to your storyteller. i also saw your dreamer dressed pretty in pink and also saw the results of what happens when girl vs street while on a scooter wearing flipflops .... i'd say the street won!

    lol, i also let your dreamer know that you were my main competition for first prize in sunday school when we were growing up ;)

    under His mercy and grace,

  8. Lovely daybook, Heather! Your preserve tally looks wonderful and I hope you enjoyed lunch with your friend today!


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