Monday, July 21, 2008

Just how did they talk me into this???

My parents are great. Don't get me wrong - I love them dearly. I just think they must have some magic mind control device which they use on me once in a while to make me do crazy things.

Like give them our children FOR TWO WEEKS!!!

Yes, you read it right. Since I couldn't leave the country ( because I am still waiting for our paperwork from Homeland Security) to go for our usual summer holiday with my Mum and Dad, the children are there without me! They have already been to the beach. Without me.

It didn't help matters to see them happily waving us good bye without even a tear or hint of sadness. They could have at least pretended they might miss us. A bit.

So, here we are - back home. No children. For two weeks.

Friends keep asking what I am going to do with myself. I'm not sure, but I have some ideas.

I'm going to clean our house - and it's going to stay clean.

I'm planning to sew a bit, garden a bit, paint a bit and rest. Maybe read a book with no interruptions. Make some meals for the freezer. Take a friend out for lunch. Get my hair cut without having to take along a child. Enjoy my husband's company, and talk without being interrupted. I won't have to ask anyone not to talk with their mouth full, use their fork or to get their elbows off the table for two weeks.

I'm praying for Dad and Mum. I know they will have a great time together, but I'm sure it will be tiring, especially for Mum. The laundry alone is a chore - but she has lots of experience - lots!

We think it is such a blessing that our children will have this time with their grandparents. Grandparents enrich our children's lives and expand their experience - they are richer for knowing them better. Thank you Mum and Dad for giving us this gift of time, and for giving the children time with you.

If I hear from Homeland Security in the meantime and they decide finish up this process and issue my proper paperwork - I'll be there with my swimsuit in 24 hours or less! I can't let the children have all of the fun!

So now I'm off to make an unreasonably long list of all the things I'd like to do, whittle it down to the top 10, and brew a big jug of iced tea to sit out on the patio with when I've checked a few things off the list!

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  1. Your children will have such a fun time and you will have a great time relaxing and recharging! Enjoy the quiet! :0)


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