Thursday, July 17, 2008

I want to be 'That Man'

Yesterday, we went as a family to the funeral of a beloved friend. While it was very hard to hold back the tears because of our loss, and much more so his precious family's loss, it was still a joyous celebration. Three Pastors led us in remembering Mr. Bob, as our children called him. He was such a humble, godly man. His testimony was strong throughout his life and to the very end. He lived what he believed. I think there will be very little 'acclimating' for Mr.Bob in heaven, since he walked so closely to God here on earth. What a joyous home going it must have been for him in heaven! So many lives he has touched with his.

He was 'found faithful' in every way, I am sure.

I left the funeral, realizing once again how short our time on this earth is, and how much more I want to make of whatever is left of my own time here. I am not being morbid, I promise, just thinking in terms of eternity. There was no question that Mr.Bob lived his life in light of eternity. His funeral was all about the Lord. There was no question as to his vocation or his advocation - he was a soldier in God's army. Instead of having to look for kind and positive things to say about Mr. Bob, there was so much to be said that it had to be severely condensed - just the highlights, a very brief glimpse into his character. A few weeks ago while teaching the adult Bible class he talked about going to heaven - deciding the first person he was going to hug was Jesus, and then their son Marc who preceded him in death almost 25 years ago. He left instructions for his funeral, 'Don't talk about me - talk about Jesus!'

I want my funeral to be like Mr. Bob's. Not that I have any thought of accomplishing all that he did, or of influencing as many as he did. God didn't make me the outgoing, hug everybody, super intelligent, traveled the world but never met a stranger, witness to everybody kind of person that He made Mr. Bob. I am quiet, shy even and my circle of influence is very small - but I want to love God fully and love my family just like Mr.Bob did. Right where I am, just as God designed me, I want to be 'that man'.

And when I die, please don't talk about me - just talk about Jesus. With God's help, I'll try to live my life so that will be just the natural thing to do, just like it was yesterday for our friend and brother in the Lord, Mr. Bob.

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  1. I have told my family that I want rejoicing at my funeral, including the song "I Can See Clearly Now" sung instead of something sad. I even have it on my blog's Play List!

    We had both a friend from church and my brother-in-law pass away within a week of each other. Both were older gentlemen so their passing was expected (both had cancer, too).

    Then I watched the special broadcasts on Fox News about Tony Snow. What a testimony for the Lord! He was only 53 (my age) but he held fast to his faith through everything. I want to leave a Testimony like that. :)


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