Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Land of the Living

We have once again joined the land of the living and I am so very blessed. If you have a ticklish tummy, you might want to skip this post! Or at least scroll down to the end where you'll find my list of things to be thankful for!

We were visited by a very nasty flu bug beginning Friday night with The Storyteller. It was his Half Birthday - 6 1/2 to be exact, and he was given the priveledge of choosing the menu and 1/2 birthday cake flavour for the day. He chose homemade PoGo's or corn dogs as they are called down here and vanilla cake with fluffy white frosting, along with our ususal tray of cut up fruits and veggies and for a special treat - potato chips! Since we are generally used to low fat foods, we initially thought the greasy supper menu was responsible for his 'spit downs'. We were hoping so anyway!

The upset was short lived with him, and as always, despite loosing everything in his tummy and intestinal tract, he was cheerful, energetic and basically himself. After doing laundry until 1:40 am we crawled into bed and had a good night. He was still not feeling quite himself Saturday, so we postponed driving partway to meet my dad and send Grammy home with him.

After scones and fruit cup for breakfast and making a fresh batch of yummy Chicken Noodle Soup, my mom and I left the children with Daddy and spent a couple of hours running errands (so much faster without the children!) and enjoying Hobby Lobby. They had the 'leftovers' of Christmas merchandise on sale for 90% off and were putting out stuff as fast as it was being grabbed from the shelves. I succumbed to the frenzy and bought more 4 more boxes of twinkling lights, 4 gorgeous fall garlands, 12 golden apples and lots of white tissue, as well as an iron coat tree/umbrella stand and yarn for a scarf. It was so fun!

On Sunday when we awakened to snow and found most of the churches in the area had cancelled due to poor driving conditions, we were all blessed to have a day of quiet rest. The children bundled up and played outside for a short time in the snow - The Storyteller played out quickly so we knew he wasn't entirely over his bug. We rested for a while and then all went out again to build a snow fort. We even blew up the snow tubes and had an hour on the hill enjoying great sliding fun - but once again they got tired quickly so we came home and ate the beef stew that had been simmering away all day. We don't get much snow here so we were determined to enjoy it while we could!

As we made it an early night Sunday were praising the Lord with the children, feeling that everyone else had quite possibly escaped the germs. I was congratulating myself on our careful handwashing, diligent Clorox wipes application on all knobs and frequently touched surfaces, fresh cold air room cleansing and thorough laundry boiling.

Hmmm ...

3 am Monday began the journey to the bathroom for me - bucket in hand. The Historian followed shortly - no bucket required. My mom began her journey to the johnny shortly after 8 am and The Dreamer held out until about 11 am. Praise the Lord for 4 bathrooms!

The Storyteller was the only one well enough to be out of bed, and he was delighted to play uninterupted computer games (Adventures in Odyssey) and watch videos, until, as he said, "My brain is turning into oatmeal - I've watched 9 (1/2 hour) videos!" Than he played quietly and read books in his room. We all managed to feed him small meals and snacks throughout the day, but I can't tell you exactly what - not his usual well balanced and colorful variety, to be sure.

This bug seems to hit each one differently - but we have all experienced chills, severe achiness, lower back pain and waves of nausia. The Historian and Grammy had no 'spit downs', but that is all The Dreamer had. The Storyteller and I had difficulties in both directions. I pray that none of your families will have the displeasure of hosting this particular bug! As I was laying in bed this morning, feeling somewhat better and trying to find the courage to make my aching rib muscles move, I was making a mental list of all the things to be thankful for!

Simple Flu Bug Thanksgivings

1. Indoor plumbing. I have never praised the Lord for our 4 bathrooms before the way I have in the last 36 hours. I have always wondered why they put so many toilets in this average sized home - especially when I am cleaning them! I can't image going through this sharing an outhouse!

2. Information. Knowing how to take care of ourselves and keep hydrated, and knowing that there is help just a phone call away. We have a medical reference book that is very very helpful for knowing when to seek medical attention.

3. Central Heating and Hot Water. No stoking the fire or boiling water. We were in turns, hot and cold, and we went through more hot water than we usually do in a week!

4. Sick Days. The Historian will still have a job when he goes back tomorrow!

5. Comfortable Beds. While our bodies were aching from laying around so much and from the affects of the bug, we were far more comfortable in our cuddly beds. I'm thankful for matress protectors too!

6. The Washer and Dryer. We have done so much washing in the last few days - I have a well stocked linen closet but we quickly went through everything! The quilts of course cannot be dried in the dryer and no one had the strength to hang them outside so they are slowly drying inside. It is a blessing to have a good washer and dryer to take care of the bulk of the mess.

7. Videos. A rare treat in our home turned into 'electronic babysitting' while all of the adults were incapacitated! We don't have t.v. so we have a good variety of videos. We knew that the videos that were within The Storytellers reach were suitable for him to enjoy! It was a Veggie Tales Marathon!

8. Sunshine! Blue sky and sunshine - reminding us of God's mercies - new every morning!

There are so many families suffering from really serious illnesses, it almost seems trivial to worry about this short lived flu bug, but as we have just been through it, and are recovering, we have much to be thankful for! I'm not sure my mom will ever come for a visit again - she has had two bad colds and the flu in 3 1/2 week visit - and my dad won't come to get her until she is germ free!


  1. Amen to your list of 8 things you are thankful for right now!!! LOL!! I completely understand!!! While we are not sick (right now, praise the Lord!!!), I have experienced many such times of being ill and have been incredibly thankful for the same things- especially blue skies and sunshine!!!

    I remember one particular sickness. It was bad. The most sick I have ever been. Mr. U made me go to the doctor and the doctor was pretty surprised that I had let bronchitis go so far. He gave me some medicine and sent me home to rest. When I got home it was gray and depressing outside. I took the medicine, lay down to nap, and awoke to SUNSHINE in my bedroom!!! It was WONDERFUL!! And to top it off, the sweet children decided to vacuum to help me out!!! God bless'em!! I KNEW I was going to get better!!!!

    Okay... a little rambling there... HAHAHA!!

    It's good to "see" you feeling better!!

    Mrs. U

  2. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. You are an inspiration reminding us of things to be thankful for during a time of trial. Thanks!

  3. Glad you feel better. Such a blessing to know that you are safe and snug, isn't it? It is funny (to me and not really "funny", kwim) how often American people have sickness and "the other thing" when they get flu. Here the flu is more of a really really bad cold type virus with fever and bad aches etc, and no running to the bathroom is involved. Maybe you guys have a different version? I pray it will be a LONG time until you're ill again.

  4. I am so glad you are all feeling much better!! I enjoying reading your thankful list! You always have a wonderful attitude about life!


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