Saturday, January 13, 2007


Our sweet Dreamer seems so young at 9 to need 'braces' on her teeth, but due to a bite problem and 8 other alignment issues, she has begun the process of 'braces'. This has been a huge adjustment this week for our apple munching, raw veggie loving girl. Our orthodontist claims The Dreamer has the strongest jaw muscle he has ever encountered - and it's no surprise to us! She loves raw carrots, peas, beans, peppers, rutabaga, apples - and all kinds of fruit and veggies! She is a crunchy muncher for sure!
We have had soft foods all week - puddings, vegetable soup, popsicles, pasta and cheese, grilled salmon, soft crust homemade pizza, and everything crunchy cut up in bite sized pieces. She will never give up her crisp apples, and thankfully she doesn't have to, just the way she eats them will be different for the next few months. She has an expander on the roof of her mouth that she doesn't enjoy, but quite honestly we are pleased with her lack of complaining so far! We are proud of her for understanding that it needs to be uncomfortable for a while now so that she can chew properly and have a terrific smile later on! I think she has a pretty special smile right now, but I guess I'm a bit biased!


  1. What a cute picture!! All those soft foods sound yummy to me! I've never had braces but I did have a retainer for many years that went on the roof of my mouth. After awhile I didn't notice it much at all!

  2. what a wonderful pic of my dollie-dot.

    Gotta love those blue eyes honey.


  3. My daughter was 9 when she had her expander 'installed'. Lucky her, she had her daddy's bite and her momma's horse teeth (doesn't that paint a pretty picture?!). After 2 years - just one phase - of braces she was *done* but visits the orthodontist yearly just to check. She's almost 17 now and her smile is **gorgeous**...and the same color blue eyes as your daughter! Bless you!

  4. One of the blessing so adoption is that no one can be 'blamed' for any 'imperfections', but the flip side is that we can't take credit for the good stuff either! I think she is already adjusting to her 'expander' but she is still talking pretty funny - it could be because her nose is still really stuffed up!


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