Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Day Full

We normally have very busy Wednesday's but today was extra busy because we added a shopping trip to the schedule!

I found out that an outlet store near here had one last 'tall activity' table on clearance and all their clearance was 1/2 price. The Dreamer has been wanting an activity table, but she is getting tall for a normal one, so I was excited to find that Pottery Barn Kids sells a tall table. We made a quick trip - on a lovely cold 'blue sky' day for a drive to the outlet mall and it was still there - a bit scratched, yes, but nothing that can't be fixed and for 1/3 of the original price - well, she is one happy Dreamer! My mom is still here and she is a fearless driver - with a lead foot! So we got there quickly and it was just a bit of a crunch to get dinner eaten before AWANA, but we made it!

I also found some wonderful inexpensive embroidered pillow shams that go so well with our duvet cover and bedroom fabrics - slowly I am assembling the 'ingredients' for an all out assault on our bedroom - the last room in the house to be tackled! The fabric is waiting to be made into curtains, pillows, shams and trim for some bath towels! I have silk flowers for a heart shaped wreath for over our bed and the drapery hardware just needs to be put up! I even have a discount store wholecloth cotton quilt in an accent colour to make into a reading pillow and accent pillows, so I have no excuse not to get at this and make our bedroom a warm and inviting haven!

The only things I lack are TIME and ENERGY! Everything is coming together, so I hope to get at it sooner rather than later - the rest of our house will just have to suffer neglect and I'll closet myself in the sewing corner and not come up for air until it is done!


  1. It sounds like a very productive day! The new table sounds wonderful and your bedroom sounds like it will be lovely when all finished!

  2. Hello..! I have been enjoying your site for awhile now. I have linked you at my wordpress blog ( I also have Kelli linked!LOL. I can relate to having much to do with little energy. Today promises to be a big one! My little (not so little...10 years old) is home sick; the home requires MUCHO work. Ack! Always enjoy your posts (o;.

  3. Why is it that the bedrooms are always the last to get worked on? I've moved a few times and everytime it's the same thing...the bedroom is the last thing to be done which is strange because we are in there every day and night...hmm...I'm perplexed. Nonetheless, I'm excited for you to do all the wonderful things to it that you've mentioned. I too am in the process of making curtains. My only problem is finally picking the right pattern. Have fun decorating :)

  4. I don't know why I always leave the bedroom to the last, but I do! I think my 'excuse' this time has been that we desperately need to re-model the ensuite bathroom which was redone about 16 years ago and was in very rough shape when we moved in - we have water issues, some mold and cabinetry that is literally falling apart! I left our bedroom - aside from re-painting ( could not live with the burnt rust color!) and refinishing the hardwood floors because I knew it would just get so dusty with the bathroom re-model! Anyway we have soem estimates and hope to get it started soon - I'll just get the curtains up and have to take them down or cover them up!


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