Saturday, January 13, 2007


On Thursday morning my mother (here for a visit and to lend a helping hand) awakened with a really taxing cold and so did The Dreamer! The Storyteller has been sniffling and stuffed up since Tuesday, but this is something different for my favorite girls.
I made a batch of my Vegetable Soup - also known here as 'Crisper Soup' since I tend to make it on the day that I clean out my crisper and whatever needs to be used up ends up in my soup! Even with steaming bowls of soup, Mum and The Dreamer were not feeling much better. By yesterday Mum had no tastebuds to enjoy our homemade pizza supper and she went to bed before the children!

I feel terrible that I didn't take better care of my mum - too many late night Dominos games I guess! Or maybe it was the shock of scoring so very badly at Amtrack ... after teaching us how to play!

We have been pushing to try to get some things accomplished and of course all of our regularly scheduled activities have begun again, so we have been busy! It is so much easier to get out and shop with an extra helper!

So, here we are with a lovely rainy Saturday and no energy to tackle any big projects, but a nice quiet day for rest and recouperation. I am praying that I will stay well, but am fighting a sinus headache. One of the drawbacks of my illness is that I cannot take any pain relievers, so I just have to wait for it to pass!

It's a tomato soup and grilled cheese kind of day - comfort foods for the sick and something warm to ward off the chill for the rest of us!


  1. Heather, I started with the sniffles on Friday and by Saturday I had a full blown cold. I can't taste a thing and today (Sunday) my ears are all stuffed up. I'm trying to rest because I really want to get a full weeks worth of school done. I'll be praying for you and your family to get well quickly! Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup is my favorite lunch. :0)


  2. Hope you are feeling better, Heather. I still have the sniffles but am slowly getting my energy back. Thinking of you....



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