Monday, January 29, 2007

Anti-Procrastination Monday

The problem - boxes of sewing notions piled in our bedroom near my sewing corner! What a mess!

One of the 'banker's boxes' stuffed with notions ready to be sorted and organized!

The Dreamer helped with the labels - good spelling practice!

The finished project - still up on my table waiting to be rolled under the table! My back was not up to bending over the drawers, so this worked out well.

I've been having a terrible time logging in to Blogger for some reason, but I am finally here and able to try to post these pictures.

Last week Mrs. Wilt at The Sparrow's Nest came up with this wonderful way to motivate us to accomplish one thing we have been putting off! I chose to tackle my sewing area since I have been longing to sew, but have been overwhelmed with mending projects and piles of new projects half done and collecting DUST!

Since we moved 2 years ago, my sewing supplies have been living in ziplock bags in white bankers boxes - not the most efficient organization system! They are piled in my 'crafts closet' and really a pain to get in to. My mom and I brainstormed about a better way - we decided that a set of rolling plastic drawers was a cheap and easy method of getting everything I need to sew in one place.

I first re-established my 'mending basket', which looks more like "Mommy's Doll & Stuffed Animal Hospital" according to The Storyteller! I have never had so many casualties at once!

I put the contents of the boxes on our bed and had The Dreamer help me sort and make labels for the contents of the drawers! It was fun and really satisfying! There is room under my sewing table to roll the drawers under when not in use, and the drawers are not overstuffed, so there is room for more notions!

Already, this orderliness has helped my sewing time! I have made pajamas for The Storyteller and an apron for The Dreamer! Next, I am tackling the Mending Basket and after that, I am going to work on our bedroom curtains! I feel better about the appearance of my sewing area since it is also our master bedroom

Thank you Mrs. Wilt for the motivation to tackle this job!


  1. Heather,
    It is wonderful to get some of those little things accomplished isn't it? I am so thankful Mrs. Wilt had this challenge. Your "notions" look wonderful. I am sure you have plenty of projects to catch up on. Have fun.

    Rean Day

  2. It always feels so good to get a project like that done. Happy sewing!

  3. Heather, your sewing supplies are so nicely organized now! I love how you labeled all the drawers, it will make sewing preparation time much quicker!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments! I gave the label maker to The Historian for his birthday a few years ago but I am using it more than he is! The Dreamer had fun making the labels - too much fun! now she wants to label everything in her room!


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