Monday, January 8, 2007

Pantry Project

Mission accomplished! I have been working away at a 'pantry project' little by little and now I am pleased to say I have found all of the jars I need to complete the project!

When I started taking my bulk foods out of old plastic containers and storing them in glass pantry jars from Martha Stewart Everyday, I thought it would be a fairly easy job. I made some nice labels on the computer and laminated them for easy wipe downs. I counted the number of jars I thought I would need and estimated the sizes. I made my list and went shopping!

After 'cleaning out' no less than 5 area K-Mart stores of the measly number of jars they had in stock, I began to search in other places. I found jars so simular I couldn't tell the difference at a local antique market, but they were $35 each - ouch! I finally resorted to some slightly different but almost the same $5 Anchor Hocking 'cracker jars' from Meijer and now I am ready to finish the project.

Whew! I love the look of all of my flours, rices, sugars etc. in the clear glass jars and I feel sure there will be less unpleasant surprises on baking day 'oooh dear, I didn't know I was so low on coconut'! I like to shop in bulk when possible, and this is my way of doing a bit for the environment with less packaging, and keeping our food essentials in a more healthful way.

With the extra weight of the glass jars, I am glad we upgraded the quality of the lazy susan in our cupboards to 'heavy duty' since I don't think I'd be able to do this with the flimsy plastic shelves. The only other downside I see is that glass breaks - and I am a bit of a kitchen klutz, but I think it is worth the risk!

January Project #1 Almost Completed

Picture from Martha Stewart Living


  1. I like the look of the jars, they are very cute and home-y looking. I saw some similar ones at Hobby Lobby and i think they might work well to store pastas and dried beans. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have the same kind of jars, Heather! I know you will love them, I like that they hold alot of flour!

  3. Kelli - that is so funny - I was just thinking how small the biggest glass jars are!!!! We made date squares, browmies, oatmeal cookies and whole wheat bread today and I was amazed at how quickly the jars emptied! I think they are 128 ounces, but my big tupperware must have been bigger! I'll just have to refill more often or get a second flour jar!
    Isn't it funny that we like the same jars? Perhaps we are kindred spirits as well sisters in Christ.

  4. Oh I definately need to do something with my pantry. It seems to be the "catch-all".


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