Thursday, November 9, 2006

Two Happy Discoveries

Well, I am still wading through all of the e-mail, but I thought I'd post about my two happy discoveries this evening - both very insignificant to most of the world, but lovely for me!

First of all, the delight of finding forgotton chocolate! I know it is very frivolous, but for special occasions we sometimes order chocolate from Wilbur Chocolate - milk chocoate 'Buds' to be exact. They remind us of a wonderful time in our marriage when we lived in Pennsylvania and enjoyed travelling the countryside discovering out of the way places and making special memories. To commemorate our 15th wedding anniversary, I recently ordered a small supply to surprise The Historian. Unfortunately, we now have to share - with the children! Needless to say, they began disappearing quickly! I took evasive action and hid the remaining supply, and promptly forgot to tell the The Historian! Today, what was lost was found! Much to the delight of all, we once again have this special taste treat - of course, when the children find out in the morning, we'll have to share!

The second discovery is that I am not allergic to paper tape! There is good reason for my excitement! We recently dicovered in a local antiques market, a dressmakers 'Judy' - made in the 1940's with paper tape and attached to a crude handmade base. It came complete with a vintage dress - size 12 and in great shape but desperate need of a washing - all for $10! I am not a size 12, but we plan to make a paper tape form of my torso to layer over this slender Judy so that I may have my long dreamed of 'fitting assistant' for sewing projects. Anna, from Pleasant View Schoolhouse gave me the inspiration with her duck tape version. The problem is, my dear Historian, while willing to do the paper tape form, was very concerned about an allergic reaction. He had visions of an all over rash, or worse! So, after wearing a piece of paper tape on my forearm all evening with no ill affects, we are ready to move forward with this project!

Two happy discoveries in one day, a computer that is running along with a internet service provider that is back online - a beautiful warm sunny midwestern day - so many blessings to count!


  1. A couple of years ago I was given a dress form by the lady who lived next door to my parents - it's a sort of wire affair that you put on, fasten up and squish to fit your body, unfasten, and hang on the stand. It's a good idea, and similar to what you're talking about I guess. Thing is we don't have space for it and it lives in the loft. I wish I could mail it to you and save the trauma of having tape all over you! Won't it hurt to pull it off?

  2. Anna sent me to a website about making your own dress form and they reccommend wearing a tight fitting t-shirt under the paper or duct tape so that you don't have to pull your skin off! The Historian was concerned that the wet paper tape gum would soak through the t-shirt and bother my sensitive skin. Hence the 'test run'! I like the sound of your wire form - very interesting!

  3. Welcome back Heather! I'm glad your computer is up and running again. I'm also glad you didn't have an allergic reaction!


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