Friday, November 17, 2006


This morning was bright and sunny - a perfect day for hanging a few loads of washing on my clothesline. Believe it or not, this has become my favorite morning task! This past spring my father came and installed this clothesline for us, and I love it! We had a hard time finding the equipment that I desired, so he ended up buying everything in Canada and bringing it with him. I like a pulley system clothesline where I can stand in one place and hang out the loads quickly. I also wanted a clothesline elevator to hoist my clothes high in the air out of reach of little hands and out of the way of the lawn mower and veggie patch. This proved difficult to find here in the Midwest – not even the kind folks at Lehman’s Hardware knew what I was talking about, but it was readily available in Ontario, thankfully.
My dad installed one end of the heavy duty pulley high in a sturdy tree after trimming a few lower branches. The pulley and elevator end he attached to a tall 4x4 post, strung the clothesline wire (plastic coated) and voila! I have a clothesline!
I love to pray for each member of our family as I hang their items on the line to dry. Our 6 year old Storyteller gets the most prayer these days since he is our little dirt magnet! I always hang the dark clothes inside out to dry since they fade more quickly. I love having crisp towels – it eliminates the need for expensive exfoliating shower gels! I know that my dishcloths are sanitized by the sunlight – they never smell moldy or get slimy when they have spent the day in the sun. My whites are so white that they sparkle! There is something absolutely luxurious about a bed made with cool cotton sheets, rinsed in lavender water, dried on the line, and given a quick rub over with the iron - the ironing part isn't fun, but well worth it on a warm summer night!
My only complaint about my line is that it is too short – only 75’! My father couldn't quite understand why I would need more room then that, but he forgets just how much washing a young family can produce! The good news is that our wash dries quickly in the morning breezes and often I can hang a second load or two in an hour! I will probably hang out all winter here, something I was unable to do in Ontario since it frozen stiff before I could get it up! I love the smell of clothes dried in the crisp early spring. Autumn air is intoxicating, and even if the neighbours are burning leaves, the faint hint of wood smoke is pleasant.
I origionally submitted these thoughts to New Harvest Homestead for the spring/summer issue of their e-zine, a publication that I thoroughly enjoy. It's almost time to bring in the washing now, though the sun is well hidden in clouds, I think everything will soon be dry! I know it will smell delicious!


  1. Nice clothsline Heather.

    What a wonderful blog - I am enjoying very much your musings.

    Imaginative, creative a wonderful mom and wife and daughter are words which come to mind

  2. Oh Dad! You're making me blush! Thanks - as you can see, I still LOVE my clothesline. The thicker stuff wasn't quite dry so it is up inthe laundry room and draped over the ironing board and the whole house smells wonderful! They can't put that in a bottle!


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