Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am unexpectedly home this evening - and shamelessly breaking Brenda's rules about tea at the computer. I should be at AWANA with the children tonight, but I have completely run out of steam. Thankfully, The Historian has come to the rescue and wisked them off for a rare treat, namely 'fast food' at Culver's and he will take them to AWANA afterwards. I suspect that he'll drop out to Farmer Dave's and watch him milk and feed the cows while he waits for the children to be finished. The Storyteller has worked really hard this week and had three memory verse sections to recite and The Dreamer will hopefully finish her book tonight - and maybe even get the next one so we can get started on it! She struggles with memorization terribly, so is a bit behind the other children, but she loves AWANA!

I am too tired to read tonight, but maybe I will watch a video that The Historian brought home thinking it would appeal to me. I think it is called 'Christmas Child' and is based on a Max Lucado story. Perhaps it will help to motivate me to get up in the attic tomorrow and get out the Christmas bins. 'Fall' is safely tucked away for another year, but I have not had the energy to give the house a good cleaning and then start the decorating. The posts of others have really inspired me, so hopefully I will have some new ideas for using our decorations in a different way this year! We have a multitude of decorations!
I was explaining to my friend that that is what happens when beloved family members die and you are given all of their precious Christmas momentos. It is a bit overwhelming! Every year we sort through again and try to keep just those that hold special memories and pass the rest on. Every year the letting go gets easier.
We are in the market for an artificial tree this year. We strongly suspect that Our Dreamer has allergies to the real trees we have always enjoyed, but we can't pin point one species that has caused her to have an asthmatic flare up, so as much as we hate plastic, we are looking at artificial trees. I need to decide soon I guess, since we usually decorate December 1st.
My tea is finished - with no spills, thankfully, and I must rest now! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and my strength will be renewed by The One who gives me strength for each new day!


  1. I'm glad you had a nice quiet evening at home. A hot cup of tea sounds perfect. Phillip has allergies and has been sneezing more than usual. We are starting to wonder if it's the tree. We will probably be back to artificial next year. I must say I am surprised at all the pine needles everywhere! They make such wonderful artificial trees nowadays, everyone thought our old one was real! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  2. Hehehe, caught ya!

    We are going through ornaments and decorations, too. I wanted to get it done before this weekend but with company arriving (and a book sale to work), it will have to be next week.

    That will still be in time to get items to Goodwill or the thrift shop while people are thinking of Christmas.


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