Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fresh Air

They love the 'holding hands' mitten! It is one mitten with two cuffs for holding hands!
The Dreamer's eyes are usually so bright, but not with a cold!
No one can say this little girl doesn't love her brother!

Yesterday afternoon the children were begging to go outside to play. Even with colds, I believe in fresh air and the benefits of playing outside! Warmly dressed with hats and mittens, warm socks and rubber boots because our yard is a mud puddle, they ventured out for some fun. Marbles on a slanted driveway turned out to be a real giggle - I could hear them chasing them all over the driveway! Despite the cool, damp air, they were warm and had a great time! I called them in and their cheeks were pink and eyes were shining. They both slept really well last night! Their colds don't seem any worse this morning, but we are home from church to help keep from spreading them to the other children at church.

My parents left their home in Northern Ontario this morning for the 10 hour drive to our home. We are really looking forward to their visit, but I pray the children don't give them their colds! Our Storyteller is a 'kiss on the lips' kind of guy, and our Dreamer is a 'cuddle in close' kind of gal, so we have warned them that they are going to have to be careful to keep washing their hands and stay out of Poppa and Grammy's faces! We are praying for their safety today on the roads and for protection from germs when they get here!

We are looking forward to a lovely visit!


  1. It sounds like your children had a fun day playing outside! They are so cute!! I hope they are feeling all better soon and have a wonderful visit with Poppa and Grammy.

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  3. I deleted my comment with my email address Heather. Thanks for getting in touch :o)

  4. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!


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