Saturday, November 11, 2006


The is something very motivating about making yourself a dressmaker’s Judy.
I discovered this last night when The Historian finally pealed the too tight t-shirt and paper tape form from my torso. I felt so free! After two hours of feeling trussed up like a turkey and expressing great sympathy for my corseted great great grandmothers, it was wonderful to get the form off. However, it was quite an eye-opener!
I generally look at myself in the mirror head on - and not very often at that! I get dressed, make sure that everything is covered and don’t get back to the mirror for the rest of the day until I rush in to brush my hair, brush my teeth, and apply a bit of lip gloss if I'm having a great day, before The Historian arrives home. Having a three dimensional form of my figure is really un-ignorable. There I am - large as life!
Honestly, it is a great motivation to get back to my walking program and cut out a few more calories from my diet. I have lost 40 pounds in the past year - very slowly to be sure, but this time it seems to be staying off, so I am pleased. For the last few months I have been ’stuck’, and I’ve become a little slack. No more! I can see clearly now the areas I need to work on - even with my old robe keeping my double modest, I can see it is time to get back to work! The good news it that I am about 8" taller then Judy, so I have the height advantage, as they say!
I am so glad to have this fitting assistant - I really have no excuse not to make a new dress for myself for Sunday’s now, and maybe even something a bit fancy for the Christmas season. I can take in my too large skirts with confidence and find the most flattering fit for some baggy blouses that need a tuck here and there. All in all, it is wonderful to have Judy hanging around my sewing corner!

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