Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Jumper for The Dreamer

I have a dream - to take a whole month away from our regular routine and just SEW! Since it just isn't at all practical right now, I have been trying to get at my sewing a bit at a time. I have actually been craving sewing time!
My Nanny's work ethic has been a bit of stumbling block though. She taught me that I must get my mending out of the way before starting on any new projects. The last three times I have taken the time to sew, my mending pile has taken over my entire sewing time! We go through seasons of being really hard on our clothing and my mending pile seems to grow daily - we must be in the midst of one of those seasons now! A pillow, a doll, a doctor's costume, and little girls tote bag, and a vest all needed my attention!
However - yesterday I made short work of the mending and this afternoon while the house was quiet with slumbering children, I made this jumper for The Dreamer!!! It is long, the way she likes them and fits very nicely. She has three or four 'hand me down' long sleeve knitted tops that will look nice under it, so she is really pleased. I like to fancy up a simple wooden hanger to go with her dresses and jumpers. This one was already covered in pink ribbon, so it just needed some trimmings! I often sew a spare button to the hanger to have on hand when needed, but I had no spares this time.
As you can see, I'm still learning the digital camera and have some unfocused spots on both pictures. Also, don't look for this pattern! It is a current pattern - Simplcity 4839, but I cut it at the 'natural waistline' and added the seam allowance, sewed it back together and topstitched for detail, and I added a placket to one side to make a button-down- the side jumper. The Dreamer requested the front pocket and I could not resist a bit of rick-rack! I have made the vest from this pattern and it turned out nicely for The Dreamer in lilac corduroy with pale pink overall embroidery. It is in the wash again because she likes it so well!
Well, there are a few more hours before bed, so it is back to the sewing corner for me!


  1. Oh, it's just darling!! I love the appliques and the rick-rack...too cute! You are very talented!

  2. What a wonderful surprise for when she wakes up! I think I'd like a jumper like that too!

  3. Thanks for you compliments! The glitzy butterfly appliques were already on the denim so I cannot take the credit there Kelli! I use sparkling silver buttons down the side and she is more excited about those than the whole jumper! Funny girl!


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