Monday, November 27, 2006

Poppa's Dollie Dot

This picture was taken on our walk on Thanksgiving Day as well. It was warm and lovely, so we thoroughly enjoyed the great outdoors! Grammy was taking a picture from the front of Poppa and The Dreamer, so I thought I'd try a long distance side view. My dad is thinking of getting me 'Digital Photography for Dummies' for Christmas - since my camera's owner's manual is 4 pages long and basically tells you how to put in the batteries, I'm thinking it could be really helpful! As always ... so much to learn!


  1. What a beautiful photo! It sounds like you all enjoyed visiting with your mom and dad.

  2. Heather - what a sweet pic. Too bad the old guy hugging "the dreamer" is like so so so old these days.
    Twas truly a wonderful thanksgiving - thanks a bunch.


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