Sunday, November 5, 2006

Quiet Sunday

We have enjoyed a quiet Sunday - what a blessing! This morning was a bit of a rush since I needed to get up earlier than usual to put an Apple Kuchen in the oven for our 'Friend Sunday' carry in harvest celebration dinner at church. I forgot how long the Kuchen sometimes takes to bake and this morning it took an hour and a half. I should have chosen something that could have been made the night before - but it was worth the wait! Mmmm! I tasted about 3 bites - sharing with The Storyteller is getting harder! His little lips were just smacking! I'll have to make another one soon - and I forgot to take a picture with the new camera! I used my home canned apple pie filling so it was really yummy. It sort of tastes like shortbread wrapped pie filling - a cookie and a pie in one bite! We had a wonderful turn out for Friend Sunday - and can the ladies at our country church cook! I have never seen such a wonderful variety of foods in my life! They outdid themselves - everyone was more than satisfied.

Our Pastor was talking about the letter to the Ephesians, and how the Judizers were trying to add Jewish kinds of things to salvation - as if Christ alone were not sufficient - that there was something more to salvation that was required. I thought it was a great message for Friend Sunday, since I think there were many there who have the impression that is true today. We are so quick in Christian circles to add our ideas of what a Christian's should or should not do, when really salvation is only about what Christ has already done for us. It was a good reminder for 'the regulars' in the pew too! In Christ alone!

I have more new technology to grow accustomed to. Tonight we have just unpacked a new computer and so I am trying it out. I have no idea how we will get the information from our old computer transferred, but at least I was able to find my blog! We have been talking about a new computer since last December - can you tell I hate to spend money on something I know nothing about? We finally decided to stop talking about it and just buy something! It was so confusing - everyone has an opinion and the three models we had chosen during that time had already become obsolete - as I'm sure this one will be in a few weeks as well! It seems to be much faster than our 6 year old model and that is without high speed, so that is a blessing! We were so limited with the older model and since we are using it more and more for homeschool and life in general, it was high time!

I do love the peace and quiet of Sunday in our home - it is a blessed rest before the week of business. As I get older it seems like the days between Sunday's go faster and I need the precious time of rest and reflection even more!


  1. We just had a new computer too. It's such a treat isn't it? Especially when the old one is - well, ancient in our case!

    I've been so happy to discover your blog, Heather.

  2. It is a treat! I am really enjoying the thin screen - it gives my eyes a break since we were able to place it a bit further away - the old monitor was huge! We keep our computer in the front room - it is our only 'no toys, no shoes, no food' room, so it usually looks nice! I like having the computer handy so that if the children are doing a learning game, I am close by in the kitchen, or reading on the loveseat! I'm glad you enjoy my blog!

  3. Congrats on your new computer...
    It's always nice to get something new!
    You are right about the obsolete thing...kinda like depreciation with new cars!
    Enjoy the new computer and have a blessed day!


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