Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cuddle Time

There is something so delightfully wonderful about a freshly scrubbed and washed boy in crisp line dried flannel p.j.'s sitting cozily on his Daddy's lap for stories and a devotional before bed. This is one of the many things I love about The Historian - he takes the time to read to our children daily, and he often reads to me at night. The Dreamer gets to cuddle with her Daddy each morning before he heads to work. She usually begs for a chapter or two of a favorite historical fiction. She also enjoys stories and a devotional each night with her Daddy, though she thinks she is getting too big to sit on his lap so she cuddles very close instead. The Storyteller grabs a place on his Daddy's lap before supper for a story or two - current favorites still include 'Amelia Bedelia' and 'The Berenstain Bears', but there is always room for 'Watch Out For Joel' and 'Christopher Churchmouse' too! We are a book loving family for sure, but more importantly we love to read together! I do all o our read alouds during the day, and our lunch time devotions. When someone is under the weather we snuggle on the couch and read until I loose my voice! I know we will remember the times we have spent reading to our children as precious and dear when they are grown and gone!


  1. I so agree Heather, and thank you for posting this - we have fallen off with our reading for fun times around here. I need to re-focus.

  2. Oh, I loved Amelia Bedelia! It is nice to see old favourites still appreciated.

    I have been going through my old storybooks and books for Elizabeth. Hopefully when she realizes that books are for reading and not for chewing she will appreciate and love them too.

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  4. I'll try my comment again - and check my grammer before publishing!

    We often have days when the children continually ask one another 'what would Amelia Bedelia do if we said ....?' We laugh so hard at her 'mistakes' - she is, after all, just doing exactly what she was told!


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