Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Dinner Menu

I'd love to hear about your plans for Easter Dinner! We are pretty traditional, I assume - turkey for Thanksgiving, and ham for Easter. I often think I should be more adventurous, but I don't want the dinner to be the focus of our family celebration - and I certainly don't want the stress of a possible flop! There is something comforting about the tried and true favorites - and since preparing them has become second nature over the years, my mind is free as my hands work - and I have time to think about God's goodness.

We are so excited to be having a family join us for Easter dinner this year! Mum and Dad will be spending the weekend with my sister and her family, but since we can't be there - the next best thing to family are friends! There have been many times over the years that we have been without family on these special family occasions, and for the most part we have tried to get together with friends or just enjoy the day as a family.

It's been a long while since we served up a traditional Easter dinner, but I am looking forward to it! I thought I'd share our menu here. I plan to do as much as possible the day before, so that our time of worship and celebration of the Resurrection is focused and not distracted by worries of last minute preparations. I also have a most excellent helper in our Dreamer - she is so incredibly capable! I couldn't do it without her now that I am so used to her working along side me in the kitchen. In truth, I wouldn't want to!

So here is the plan - always subject to change! I am used to making plans and then simplifying as we go if time or energy is running out. The extras are just that - nice touches, but nothing to stress over! I have learned that no one misses what isn't there while enjoying what is!

Easter Dinner for 10

Easy Sunday Dinner Rolls - a double batch of recipe here

Fresh butter cut outs

Pickle and olive tray

Spring Greens Salad

Strawberry Creme Mold

(or Mandarin Orange Jellied Salad - there's an ongoing debate!)

Steamed Green Beans with toasted Almonds

Twice Baked Creamy Potatoes with Cheese

(debate here too - some want scalloped potatoes, but I don't know how to do those ahead without them turning black - yuck)

Sweet Baby Carrots

Spiral Sliced Ham

Carrot Cake (graciously offered by our guests)

Chocolate Pie

Coffee, Tea, Raspberry Lemonade

Creamy after dinner mints

That's is - hopefully a nice variety for everyone to enjoy - and simple! I won't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen on Resurrection Sunday - we'll get as much done ahead as possible and make the day about celebrating new life in Christ and enjoying the fellowship of friends!


  1. Your menu sounds wonderful!!! We too will have several friends as well as several family members.

    I'm doing a ham too -- asparagus, scalloped potatoes, spinach/strawberry salad (guest), rolls (guest), fruit salad (guest), sweet potato gratin, and for dessert cupcakes and gluten-free cupcakes and a pavlova filled with lemon curd and blue/blackberries! I wanted to do brunch, but since we are accomodating 4 different services with our guests, we have to have brunch appetizers at 11 and the meal at 1:30.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I'm serving my traditional ham and creamy cheese potatoes (they can be made the night ahead).

    This year I'm trying something new which is the asparagus casserole from the Trisha Yearwood cookbook.

    I'm making cupcakes tomorrow to serve as a dessert and something pretty on the table for Sunday. I bought a Wick's sugar cream pie last month which I'll put in the frig to defrost tomorrow. It is the only frozen pie I know that can taste better than homemade. :)


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